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OFFLINE.Exchange is a Centralized platform that enables users to Send, Swap , Trade... Cryptocurrencies without Internet Connections. The platform enables users to use SMS or Phone Calls instead of the internet, in order to trade cryptocurrencies. There are no personal or account details that are required.

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Describe the team

IYES SAFARI: the Co-founder and the Project Manager, involved in the planning of the entire project of features and functionalities . Isra Cherif : responsible for the investment models and the development strategies of the project and the prospectus of the forecast and performance of the Capital and its Variations as well as the Issues, redemptions of the coins and finally the Calculation of the net asset value compared to the analysis of the Quotation in the crypto-asset market


Capital needed and how it will be used

The prototype has Been completed , We only need $40,000 to finish the final product & the commercial version for the Hardware wallet , and mobile apps

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