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Karita Gaming





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Describe the project

Karita Gaming’s mission is to be what Blackjack has been for the past 300 years, for the next 300 years. We are bringing an immersive, futuristic/cyberpunk/space gaming community & experience to the masses. Orbiting between Earth and Mars, Karita Industries HQ is often just a 30-minute VOSX ride away from your favorite Post-Atmospheric Habitat We're leading with the hedgehogs as our first promo nft because they're just so darn cute, and they drag race! An initial collection of 10,000, these users will be the first to beta test and breed in the VOSX racing, as well as be automatically whitelisted for our card deck NFT which will be used as the "key" to enter the game.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

Yes. 1. Our card game 2. Our VOSX racing 3. Our metaverse will provide the infrastructure, interoperability and accessibility to other Web3 projects/companies, who can connect with and/or inhabit our metaverse. As a hub for anyone venturing into metaverses for any reason, they will treat our metaverse as a home base.

Describe the team

Matthew Hoffman (Full-Time) Entrepreneur w/ 2 Successful exits in 7 years (one to a public company | NASDAQ: RP). Problem Solver. Brand Builder. Sales & Marketing Tactician.

Hannah Za Co-Founder & CEO Alan, based in Arizona, has lead multiple web-based/remote teams and has over 4 years of interdisciplinary leadership experience. Co-Founder & CTO Ben is an active member of the Phoenix Software Engineering Community and has worked as a senior front-end developer for the past 5 years. Lead Blockchain & VR Developer Naoki, based in Tokyo, Japan, has over7 years experience developing in the Blockchain/ VR spaces, much of it in senior roles, and is an expert in the Defi & FT umbrella. Art Director & Lead 3D Artist Eigleer is a Venezuelan tattoo artist with 12 years of experience based in Florida. He studied 3D sculpting in Spain, and has 5 years of experience in character design. rley (Full-Time) Product Operations & Product Development savant with 10+ years product development and go-to-market experience from startup to enterprise. Dev Whisperer. Detailed Communicator. Operational Executor. Jason Spiewak (Part-Time) B2C Entrepreneur and Public Influencer. Power Connector. Opporunity Generator. Sales Master.


Capital needed and how it will be used

$1mm minimum, $3mm ideal. With our hedgehog project both ranges are possible. Use of Funds: 1. Marketing, collabs, partnerships, ads, placements, articles, networking and social media. 2. Initial Card Game Development

Links to social media, website, etc.

Website: Twitter: @KaritaGaming

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