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SpaceNukes brings the nonscienfically inclined into intimate contact with those actively progressing space nuclear research. The field of nuclear astrophysics is vast, multifaceted, and aims to address several different aspects needed for mankind's exploration of the cosmos. SpaceNukes allows its holders to take specific interest any of these facets in an environment where the veil of complexity has been lifted through interactions with real experts. Funding for this project is intended for the assembly of a doctoral research apparatus based on "Lattice Confined Fusion," and our NFTs will act as tickets to the experiment's housing facility where individuals can witness firsthand a day in the life of an astro-nuclear physicist and the miracle of microfusion.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

SpaceNuke NFTs are produced using state-of-the-art software developed by the Department of Energy's National Labs. Our NFTs display the beauty of simulations yeilded through legitmate space nuclear research previously unrecognized by the artistically-appreciative community.

Describe the team

Kean Martinic- Nuclear Physics PhD student. An employee of the Center for Space Nuclear Research. Having worked on the characterizations of several space-nuclear apparatii, I have accumulated various models and performed equally various simulations that have gone on to be presented to NASA for consideration in project development.

Teyen Widdicombe- PhD of Nuclear Engineering, has a even more extensive background within space nuclear sector and while not an active driving force of the SpaceNukes project, has expressed interest in participating to a larger degree once the project gains the demanding momentum.


Initial animation detailing all the aspects in which Nuclear sources are utilized in space travel.

Animation on the Introduction to the KRUSTY Kollection (see pitch deck) Animation detailing lattice confined fusion, it's needed research and the proposed doctoral apparatus. Release of additional collections focused on different facets of the topic. Progressive updates on work being done on the various topics depicted in our NFTs and updates on the production of the doctoral apparatus.

Capital needed and how it will be used

The proposed doctoral apparatus is estimated to cost ~55k on materials and construction alone. Pure Erbium, tanks of Deuterium, ASME pressurization vessel, vacuum pumps, low energy electron accelerator, radiation detectors & renting time for material analysis with a scanning electron microscope.

Funding for me to live while working through school and on the apparatus ~30k. Gradschool is tough and I work several jobs. Additionally managing such a project would not be feasible without funding to alleviate the cost of my time. Marketing and community management: (I'm admittedly a bit ignorant on the costs of these things, so I would be frivolously guesstimating).

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