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Clean Green Holdings (CGH) is doing work in the sustainability / clean energy credit space as an easy-to-use exchange & market maker. We’re passionate and focused on developing an exchange that will make trading renewable energy credits (RECs), such as carbon credits, and other similar assets, accessible to the masses, therefore accelerating the asset class. This is a blind spot in the market today.

We also have tremendous Fortune 500 direct sales experience with a focus on Wall Street. We will sell assets on our platform directly into these firms in addition to building an online community. Lastly, our 3rd stage of development, will be executing on proprietary algorithms on how buyers and sellers can monetize RECs, utilizing our proprietary blockchain based utility token, that actually makes them profitable for corporations. If purchased on our exchange going green will not just a 1:1 credit come tax time. They will be a profit center.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

Yes, the exchange itself, along with a direct sales team to push it, and our underlying algorithms on monetizing credits is IP.

Describe the team

Lawrence Lanzilli (CEO) - Serial Entrepreneur over the last ~24 years. 4 M&As, 1 IPO, 1 recent SPAC around FinTechs. Well versed taking startups from zero to $100mm in revenue, primarily by selling into the worlds largest financial firms. CompSci degree. Proven to excel at raising capital & building out sales/ops. Environmentally & altruistically focused.

Frank Speiser (CTO) - Product & culture-first leader using technology to destroy stale methods & leave better things in their place. Multiple exits in engineering-intensive verticals w/ changing audience, technical & logistical events. Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of the now public company SocialFlow, which is the world's largest media monetization engine, consisting of proprietary algorithms to optimize media delivery across social networks. Frank is a Team builder. Time steward and self-proclaimed proficient heckler.


Step 1 - Build an exchange to buy and sell assets. Monetize. Step 2 - Scale sales and marketing Step 3 - Implement proprietary algorithms that can scale the industry far beyond expectations in a functional profitable way.

Capital needed and how it will be used

Salaries Dev - Front End $95k - Full-Stack $125k - Community Manager $85k - Blockchain Dev $115k Operations Outsourced - HR $2500/mo - Controller $6k/mo Freelance - Graphic Design $5k/mo Legal - Corporate Filings $3k - Contracts $2k - Deal Mechanics $5k - Compliance $5k

- AWS $1500 - Licensing $500 The above amounts to a $76k monthly burn rate spread out over 12 months that can be shown in wind fall format. It sums to $782,883. Founders are taking no salary. This is strictly to build.

Links to social media, website, etc.

We have been stealth to date. We've purchased multiple domains and set up account on all social channels but they are intentionally not showing in-depth data. For instance,

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