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Sena Labs AI is a tech startup building Sena, a decentralized risk advisory platform making Web3 Intelligent. We detect vulnerabilities on blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, DeFi protocols, NFT marketplaces & emerging Web3 projects before they graduate to attacks. We bring attack literacy, vulnerability detection, and intrusion protection to Web3 users.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

We offer the only decentralized risk advisory platform for all of Web3, not just DeFi or NFTs. With Sena we automated the consultant, hence the name Sena. Sena is derived from a woman's name, like Alexa is to Amazon and Siri is to Apple, we aim for Sena to be the AI for Web3 with fully operable features to read statistics from users dashboards. Our most popular product is our SEAL "Sena Exploratory Analysis Library" API which hosts the largest database of Web3 attacks dating back from centralized exchange scams in 2011 and the Mt. Gox. attack. Sena Labs AI will be the go-to source for querying Web3 attack data.

Describe the team

Jasmine Brunson - AI/ML research, garnering partnerships and data providers, recruitment, investor relationship management, and building alongside the development team. Justin Stewart - Currently completing Gitbook and whitepaper. Justin works alongside Corey to ensure the secure of the platform. Justin is a PhD candidate and has a penchant for academics research so he will be responsible for comepleting the monthly hack reports. Shamar Jackson - Design avatars, widgets, images, and marketing materials for the Sena platform Pablo Beltran - Full-stack development and smart contract development for the DPlat/DApp Leo Souto - Create user interface for DPlat/DApp and website management. Ayesha Shafquat - Build AI/ML models to detect smart contract vulnerabilities on clients' smart contracts, lead administrator for SEAL API, and creation visualizations for monthly Web3 hack reports for the entire ecosystem. Valerie Spina - Recruitment, building interoperability between all teams, tracking revenue margins, overseeing organizational efficiency, conducting one-on-one development, and emotional/mental health check-ins with all employees. Mike Smith - Managing the UX/UI team comprised of Shamar, Leo, and pending UX/UI designers that will be onboarded in August. Enforcement of the Norman's Design Principles so our UX/UI will exceed the quality of Zapper.Fi (In our founder's opinion as well as of customer discovery respondents Corey White - Enforcement of cybersecurity safeguards to keep the Sena platform secure. Anti-hijacking technology and software implementation for our DPlat or DApp (Decentralized platform/app). A manager for the development team so we can build synergy between the AI/ML experts and cybersecurity specialists.


We plan on having more security-focused activations in Austin, TX bringing together people from ATX DAO, Cryptowranglers, DeFi Austin, ETH Austin, and the greater city. The amount of growth in such a small amount of time shows the potential that Sena Labs AI has to shock the world. We were just accepted to the NVIDIA Inception Program which has opened up opportunities to lower our GPU costs, get connected with ML engineers, receive criticism, and prepare for our token launch. We also received grants from the Black Bitcoin Billionaires and Lost Kids through pitch competitions which were very rewarding. We are currently raising Seed at 5 million dollars at a 50 million dollar valuation.

Capital needed and how it will be used

This grant will help us generate more revenue which is the primary goal. We have a few companies on standby for smart contract audits so we definitely need to conduct training and deployment for our in-house smart contract auditing team. With the team, we're able to expedite the process and generate funds faster since smart contract audits are currently only handled by one person. $25,000 will be allocated for 3 contracts, one contract extension for our cybersecurity developer Justin Stewart a Ph.D. candidate from Howard University, another for Valerie Spina, our operations director, and lastly Kaili Wang who is a smart contract auditor, cybersecurity dev, and Ph.D. candidate from Stanford University. We are actively creating an in-house smart contract auditing dev team that will cost $10,000 to jumpstart, train, and launch, so far we've been slowly deploying our audits. With the team, we're able to expedite the process and generate funds faster.

As of now both of their contracts expire in September and they've both added immense value to the project. $5000 will be allocated to transportation/travel fees for upcoming conferences/summits our company will be highlighted at. Currently, are looking forward to speaking at and sponsoring AI4 Artificial Intelligence Conference, the Black Blockchain Summit, DCentral Miami (Art Basel), and NFT LA. $10,000 will be allocated toward software subscriptions such as decentralized storage (we currently store data via STORJ which costs $4/TB), Tableau, IPFS, and for more granular analysis of attacks, RillzData, and Beneath.

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