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Describe the project

Slaz/WalletD is a native web3 cryptocurrency wallet and wallet SDK enabling gamer creators, world designers, and art studios to create cryptocurrency wallets with ease.

With our wallet (Slaz) we provide users new to crypto, a native DeFi experience that is usable and secure. Unlike Metamask, our wallet is reliable, usable, and secure offering an Apple-like experience, second to none.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

Slaz has committed to the acquisition of MyMonero (500K monthly active users) and will bring existing partners (e.g. Edge, Exodus, Changenow and more) into the WalletD ecosystem at its foundation.

Additionally, WalletD comes with native security and authorization primitives enabling a more secure and more usable experience than ever before: 1) DammSum (solving BIP39 mnemonics transposition error on recovery) [] 2) Consensus Recovery (hedge centralized and decentralized risk in MPC architectures)* 3) Beacons (IoT Devices to increase first signature strength in MPC architectures)* 4) Social Recovery Advancements [native UX for socialized recovery, see Figma at]

Describe the team

Founding Team: Riccardo Spagni (Co-Founder: Crypto Leader, Recent Monero Lead Maintainer, Yat & Tari Co-Founder), Kristopher Francisco (Co-Founder: Ex-Apple Pay Architect, Advisor - Regional Director: Microsoft, Metaverse Pioneer)

We are in the process of transitioning over 17 years of blockchain, NFT, and metaverse engineering experience to Slaz.


Move Existing Wallet into Maintenance Mode - Ongoing Build WalletD SDK and Libraries - Now through Jan 5 2023 Onboard Partners into WalletD Ecosystem - Jan 5 2023 to March 5 2023 Launch Slaz - April 2023 Provide WalletD library to developers and ecosystem - May 2023 Finalize Onboard MyMonero 500K MAU to Slaz - June 2023 Provide Slaz to 2M+/month new cryptocurrency users - July 2023

Capital needed and how it will be used

We're seeking $100K - $250K from Web3 leaders who want to change the industry together. We will use the capital to move forward new engineering and product team hires.

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