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Babylon Voice is a Media Wallet (Voice for Metaverse, Games).

STATUS JULY 5: MVP, TestFlight 1.0, AI on AWS, IPFS, Web3 Storage, Discord community for 10 000 NFT Voices drop, Gaming Partners. MISSION
: The Mobile-first way for proof of ownership, Digital Access Management for Income, and use Al superpowers to augment Human Intelligence to make the best decisions in our increasingly complex world (Version 1.0: NFT Voice for Metaverse, Gaming; Version 2.0: Anonymous, VoicePrint) WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? WHY? Growing Community of supporters from Zoom, Youtube, Tesla, Twitter, Apple, Spotify. We’re a team of Gen Z, Millennial devs, traders, AI scientists, Ph.D. and media experts with Stanford, MIT, Discord, MTV, Google, NVidia, Intel, Amazon, Uber, Disney, and Telegram backgrounds, advised by the ex-partner Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). Exponent is the best of all worlds: a top-25 startup in NYC with a REAL product. Grants from Amazon, Nvidia, and OpenAI (Microsoft) We have the experience, talent, and technology to make it happen! We’re excited to bring our expertise & vision to the crypto space! POLYGON BENEFITS
: Bringing you closer to the Metaverse with POLYGON, SOLANA is a bold step forward in bringing web3 to the world. Babylon Voice will be able to help the Games, Metaverse Devs, Creators, and Brands built on POLYGON making the process of joining easier and less stressful for new users from Web2 to Web3, grow new transactions on the POLYGON blockchain, and evolve into a creative economy network with influencers voices, and use Al superpowers to augment Human Intelligence. PROBLEM
/SOLUTION There’s no mobile-first way for proof of ownership.
How democratize creativity for Web3? How we can produce the best content in 5 Min? How you can use your Clone Voice for translation, protect yourself or your privacy, ID during Zoom meetings or Multiplayer games, or your TikTok Livestream just using apps/dapps? How to deploy end-to-end intelligent services across all platforms Bloomberg, NBCUniversal, Viacom, Verizon, Universal Music Group, Havas? 1. 82 years of content uploaded each day, 4.2B Social Media users, and 500M Passion Economy users. 1.7B accounts use the Stories daily. But only 53% of creators make less than $100 a year and spent less than 5 hours a week on content. $7 for 1,000 views can make YouTuber, CPC YouTube $3, TikTok $1. 2. $141,890 income for Gen Zers, Millennials. Nike, Microsoft, Gucci, Roblox, Coca-Cola embracing Web3, Influencers Sponsorship is worth $8B for 1% of creators. 3. 94% of all crypto buyers 12-35 y.o., Millennial crypto buyers have 5.4x more student loan debt and bought $8,596 crypto per month, and Gen Zers $6,120. 4. 28.6 million wallets traded NFTs** 5. When it comes to crypto hacks, the story is often the same: Scammers take advantage of a vulnerability in a blockchain’s design and make off with millions, as in the $600-million-plus heist involving the play-to-earn NFT game Axie Infinity. 6. Metaverse Market $62B from 2021 to $1.6T by 2030, CAGR 45% NFT Market $65B from 2021 to $147B by 2026, CAGR 35.27% Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, top10 Bluechips help jolt to 21,000% Al for creators the compound annual growth rate is 25%. 7. 32M Metamask Wallets, 4.5M Solana-Wallets increase 4400%, 6M monthly users, 2.5M smart-contract daily active users. MAU of 39M across the 29 networks digital media asset, Ownership Marketcap of the over 19,000 tokens is $1.76T. 8. Games accounted for 71% of total app revenue in 2020. iOS generated $47.6 billion in revenue in 2020, while Google Play made $31.9 billion. Why is the NFT community the best audience for this metaverse? They’re already living Web3 and experimenting with alternative currencies.
It’s not only a game it’s a whole new economy
Creators are businesses themselves. The faster you realize that the quicker you can jump into this exploding market. SOLUTION
: Media Wallet, WEB3 Storage and Dapp (Ownership/Rights).
Your crypto assets are backed by the value of media assets in Media Wallet.
Built for creators, investors, and degens, the friendly features for Metaverse support, it’s easy to create, summarize, mint, and monetize Voice, Avatars, Multimedia (audio and video). Al is a replacement for Human, Synthetic Content is Secured, Fact-checked, Anti-Bot, and Communities are driven by privacy, membership, and rewards on Web3. We’re bringing the world’s top content creators, influencers, brands, and users together to help us build out a Web3, Democratization access to ownership, Financial inclusion and Digital Identity. MARKET STRATEGY 1. NFT Voice, 3D Avatars for Metaverse 2. Plugin for Zoom, Discord, Metaverse 3. Influencing top-100 creators via clone voice 4. Gaming partnership & Community Collaboration 5. Apps for target driving traffic for-pay options 6. Mod Gaming, Metaverse PARTICIPANTS 1. Creators/SuperPlayers, Influencers, Agencies, Traders, Individual NFT-investors, AI devs, and games. 2. Open to a universal full-network pass NFT and Secondary royalty 3. Build within other Metaverses 4. Run NFT sales for seasonal passes LLC, Delaware C Corp SERVICES Users can play, talk, and look as whatever Web3 persona they want via Babylon Voice and NFT- Blue Chips, Games at the end of capitalism through metaverse, just buy individual voice NFT, get API, use it on other platforms 1. Buy individual voice NFT, get API, and use it on other platforms 2. Trade your Voice on Opensea, Rarible, Coinbase 3. Dual-use of computing infrastructure for voice Al and Web3 Storage 4. Synthetic gamers / Virtual influencers 5. Virtual experiences /Games, Events 6. Staking GO TO MARKET STRATEGY 1. Voice, 3D Avatars for other Metaverse (100-1000 edition) 2. Social Media Partnerships: Discord Server, Twitter, for 100+ Collections, Games, Metaverse for Whitelist (6000 users) 3. Ambassadors: 600 Blue-chip collection holders (Diamond Hats, AA Holders) as our Fam (BAYC, CryptoPunks, Cool Cats, VeeFriends, Azuki, Doodles, OkayBears, Clone X, Meets, Cyber Kong, DeGoods) Mostly devs, traders, Wall Street market-makers. 4. Influencing top-100 creators via clone voice. Begin the character development with 400+ unique traits with varying rarity across categories. The vision is to achieve near to non-identical randomized characters for the generated PFPs and 3D avatar for Voice 5. Airdrop + Trade your Voice on MagicEden, Opensea, Rarible, Coinbase. Launch as Voice marketplace with Rarible (?) 6. Multiple giveaways (WL spots, UPC NFTs, Crypto) 7. KOL: Bill Tai, Beeple, Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokonnikova, NBA athletes, twitch, athletes, DJ (football, basketball) twitchers in Brazil, France, NY, take their voices. 8. Sponsorship Collabs for Web3 doing brands - Nike, Balenciaga, Disney, Marvel 9. Land - Metaverse land purchases: Decentraland, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels, NFTworlds, The Matrix World (our logo and name). Brand partnerships, Collectibles: Explore the possibility to provide holders with unique merch (i.e: 1:1 physical art, 1:1 shoe painting, etc.) customized by our artist. Balenciaga, Nike, sneakers, and original art skateboard deck. 10. Partnership with 5 Influence Agency (TikTok, Snap celebs 15-21 y.o.) 11. Partnership Gaming Publishers & Guilds in Asia, Brazil. (we wanted to create a character for the BR1 game, but these are the next steps for the metaverses and games (they use monkeys and robots) 12. Change Voice for Test Twitch streamers (20) 13. Hackernews Hack PR “Synthetic gamers / Virtual influencers / Players/3D+Voice onboarding’ 14. Plugin for Zoom, Discord (?) 15. Mod Gaming, Metaverse 16. Companions (Genesis 2) mint 10 000 date TBA - Babylon Voice Companions. Each Avatar will receive a companion to claim.  Babylon Voice Metaverse in the Sandbox (Full body version of Avatar to claim to enter the Sandbox) We will enjoy an environment designed by Ramy Fischler (, which will be used for: - Establishing a web3 online school, club, or game where will be your avatar to attend actual classes. - Ability to lend your Avatar in exchange - Exclusive physical streetwear and sneaker shops, events -Apparel Airdrop in the Sandbox. Thanks to our network within the streetwear and fashion brands, we aim to launch exclusive assets which will allow special perks. -DeFi module: to be deployed on the blockchain

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

AI on AWS, IPFS, Web3 Storage, Discord community for 10 000 NFT Voices + 3D Avatars drop, Gaming & Metaverse Partners, MVP, TestFlight 1.0

FOLLOW UP APRIL-MAY-JUNE 2022 1. Launch as Voice marketplace with Rarible; Republic API for Market-Making publisher (Growing 300+%, Discord); 2. AI: Real-Time Zero-Shot for 30+ languages, it takes 7 sec to clone/beauty your Voice, 3D Avatar (40+ Models for 600+ hours, 34X faster process) 3. PILOT COMPANIES with Republic, Rarible, Buzzfeed, Vice, Reddit, Webull, Kraken, Uber, Bloomberg, Disney, Chanel, Estee Lauder, NBCUniversal, Hearst, Viacom, Verizon, Universal Music Group, Spectrum, Publicis Group, Havas, The New York Times, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Citi Group, CNBC. We have a partnership with Zoom, Discord - summary, and voice masks in different languages for translation services. And Sometimes as a Republic’s white label as Market-Making publisher and finance newsmaker for 1M-users - that is a news summary service compared Robinhood Snaks, Morning Brew. We have tested new markets, AI has successfully targeted no 60M U.S. users (800M Global, Serviceable Obtainable Market $8B).

Describe the team

10+ Team-members, Full time.
We’re a team of Gen Z, Millennial devs, traders, AI scientists, Ph.D. and media experts with Stanford, MIT, Discord, MTV, Google, NVidia, Intel, Revolut, Amazon, Uber, Disney, and Telegram backgrounds, advised by the ex-partner Andreessen Horowitz (a16z).
Advisers, Growing Community of supporters from Zoom, Youtube, Tesla, Twitter, Apple, Spotify.

CEO, PhD Math, Female Founder 1 Manana Samuseva - PhD Math, MS Marketing & Advertising, CEO, Co-Founder. Host MTV, 15+ y in Media, Youtube Europe, Top-100 innovators, top100 Blockchain & VC. Ex CryptoHQ Fund, Women in Crypto, BuroHQ, iLIFTTV, ADV (havas, Interpublic Group, IPG). 2 Andrew Samusev-Steinman MS Global Finance (LBS), Psychology, VP Grow & Community, Co-founder Ex - BDO Discord, Wargaming 3 Igor Khmel MBA Stanford, Founding DeFi, Web3, Blockchain Director. Ex- Citadel, McKinsey, Deloitte, Bessemer Venture Partners, Moviecoin, BANKEX (Digital asset banking platform) 4 Max Staples, Tech Director, CIO, AI/ML Data Engineering, Software, AI=Bots, Robots, Intelligent Automation Ex-Revolut 5 Artem Onusaitis, AI Director, Deep Learning, Automatic Speech Recognition MS AI Data Analitics, PhD Student, Senior Data Scientist, GNA, RnD Engineering (AI Voice Experience) ex Intel, NVidea 6 Angel Villanueva Product Design Director, UX/UI Ex User Experience Designer Ex-BBVA 7 Artem Bogoslavsky Modern Fullstack, Software React Engineering, Ex-Clubhouse (iOS, Android), Ex-Telegram 8 Paul Doroshin Front-and-Backend Engineering, Native App And 9 David Tanaka - Blockchain Developer 10 Alex Veron - Blockchain Developer


The beta is to be developed within June 2022. After POLYGON, SOLANA module development, an NFT (for rewarding, authentication, Voice Metaverse) and Smart Contracts management/interactions through the web/mobile interface will be integrated. AI, Web3 Storage, Blockchain for Media Wallet to be used (to be adjusted after RnD and Web3 Development): AI, a framework using for backend side Rust/ReactNative/React.js for frontend. Focus on AI Models on device and UX/UI approach for cross-platform. Smart Contracts developed on Rust programming languages for POLYGON, SOLANA blockchain with cross-chain support by future developments by EVM support, which cover the following processes: 1. Assets/revenues distribution; 2. Rewarding; 3. NFTs integration and Minting Audiograms; 4. Players/3D+Voice onboarding; 
Smart Contracts’ initial settings to be adjusted in the interface. 5. DeFi module: MVP solution to be deployed within July 2022 on POLYGON, SOLANA blockchain. * In June-July-August 2022 solution is planned to be integrated with up to 10+ games, Metaverse built on POLYGON, SOLANA blockchain.

PRODUCT/TECH ROADMAP 1. iOS Test-flight for 10 000 users and Voice NFT 2. Make a API/Web3 Storage based on development & testing, making the service public 3. Launch 10 000 NFT Voices for Wallet 4. MVP built on SOLANA, POLYGON, developing an integration TO DO : Media Wallet, media assets/revenue distribution, and minting Voice-audiograms, 10k+ NFT Voice users, integration to 20+ partnership games, Metaverse, dApps 1)Mainnet launch (15/08/22) POLYGON, SOLANA module development, an Voice NFT, Mint an Audio NFT (Just say a phrase), NFT Voiceprint, Voice skins (for rewarding, authentication, Voice Metaverse) 2)AI, Web3 Storage, and framework used for the backend side Rust/ReactNative/React.js for the frontend. UX/UI approach for cross-platform. 3)DeFi module: Test/ Smart contract audit (30/08/22)
 10.000+ active users, solution is planned to be integrated with up to 20+partnership games, Metaverse, dApps built on the blockchain.

Capital needed and how it will be used

TO DO : Media Wallet on POLYGON, SOLANA EVM: media assets/revenue distribution, and minting Voice-audiograms, 10k+ users, integration to 20+ partnership games, Metaverse, dApps Budget proposal: Engineering, Testnet/ Mainnet launch with Github code for frontend, backend

Testnet launch (30/07/22)
 Hire 2 engineers, UX/UI Designer, Smart Contract dev, and build a smart contract, after POLYGON module development, an NFT (for rewarding, authentication, Voice Metaverse) and Smart Contracts management/interactions through the web/mobile interface will be integrated. (2) Mainnet launch (15/08/22)
 Smart Contracts developed POLYGON blockchain by future developments. Voice NFT - Hire 3D Designers. (3)Test/ Smart contract audit, Marketing 20+ Metaverse-Gaming partnerships (30/08/22) 
Smart contract audit. 10.000+ active users 
In July-August 2022 Gitlab, AWS, TestFlight request [email protected]

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Babylon Voice

[email protected]

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