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Describe the project

Colle is a peer-to-peer marketplace for trading luxury goods backed by NFT. We believe the biggest problem with today's marketplaces in web 3 is the lack of space to build trusting and ongoing relationships.

Colle is offering a fully-vetted system with verified and certified consumers in a close (by invite-only) virtual community to (re)sell collectibles with trusted members.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

The unique characteristics of colle is the exclusivity of the marketplace; having a pool of consumers who share their digital identity with the colle community, makes colle a fully decentralized peer-to-peer platform. Colle is also the first web3 marketplace to verify sellers, buyers, and products digitally.

Describe the team

Chanteva, Co-Founder, is embarking on this journey to improve accessibility and consumers understanding of the blockchain and the new web3 world. Her research interests include examining the social factors contributing to online trust. As an online shopping enthusiast and selling and reselling items from her own closet, she has a unique insight into multi-seller businesses and e-commerce platforms. Chanteva has a Master of Science in Psychology with a focus in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Akos, Co-Founder, is a serial entrepreneur with 30 years of experience and has started and successfully exited several businesses, mainly in the beauty and construction industry in Europe and the Middle East. His latest exit is Moscase, a health tech accessory for smartphones. As an avid collector, he realized that him and his friends, who share the same interests in collecting unique pieces, like to be involved in NFTs/cryptos, mostly focusing on real physical items behind. They need a more understandable platform. The old traditional way has just been too stressful for everyone so he came up with Colle — an easier way to make collectible transactions. Better than eBay and more than what OpenSea/StockX offer today. Leslie, Co-Founder, is a friend of Akos from over 35 years. He is an economist and serial entrepreneur with 30 years of experience. He built up and exited ($15M) distribution and sales strategies companies in Hungary for domestic and foreign producers. He is a logistic expert. His role is to manage the safe parcel system for the physical goods. Balazs, Andy, and Aron are part of the development team and are experiences software developers and data base experts located in Europe.


The idea of colle was developed in March 2022. For summer 2022, we are digitally onboarding sellers unique collections (inventory goal is $15M worth of goods) and developing a full sales strategy for our beta run and launch during the holiday season 2022. The app will be finalized by Fall 2022 and by Dec 2022 we aim to have $2M in transactions on our platform. For 2023, we are planning to raise series a and open more opportunities including vault services and authentication centers. Our goal for spring 2023 is $10M in transactions on our colle platform.

Capital needed and how it will be used

A minimum of $1M to launch the beta version of colle and hire specialists in software development, sales, and marketing.

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