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Describe the project

Next level NFT publishing company aimed at providing a platform for authors to publish their literature as NFTs and broaden their market(s) while increasing their exposure, engagement, and income. One of the first of its kind to produce literary NFTs for all literature types and writer levels. Company will service all interested, but will gain its notoriety from its What’s Next Way of minting and releasing literary NFTs.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

Yes. Company differs from all competitors and NFT marketplaces by its unique proposition. There are 3 ways that writers can join us on their literary NFT journey as an author. 1) They can pay for our service as a non-member where we simply take their literature and turn it into NFT-ready files. They would be responsible for minting and selling. 2) join as a member with limited benefits. They would assume some of the perks of joining the What’s Next family such as NFT creation, certificate of membership, and 100% royalties. However, we would only sell their NFTs directly on the marketplace. Whereas option 3) retains full membership perks and benefits such as, but not limited too, editing, reviews, multiple revisions, physical prints, and their literary NFTs featured exclusively in our pack drops. Those with full membership rights can write and earn their way to VIP experiences and profit sharing. Writers choosing to join us under option 2 or 3 will have their literature turned into NFTs using the What’s Next Way. This style allows us to take upwards of 75% of a written piece and break it down into 2-20 singular NFTs. Each NFT would be a partial to a complete set. The only way for readers to find out what’s next or how the piece ends is for them to collect each individual NFT for that specific literary work and redeem it on our site. Once redeemed they will unlock the full version in pdf. The more readers collect, the more they can unlock such as physical copies, autographed works, audio versions, sneak peek into upcoming releases, etc. The What’s Next Way of creating literary NFTs will allow readers and collectors to become more engaged, keep them anxiously awaiting, and create an undeniable buzz as everyone scrambles to find out what’s next to come.

Alongside our literary NFTs we will later create What’s Next character NFTs based on genre and literary types. This will aide us in dropping genre/literature specific packs and increased engagement from our collectors. Readers who choose to collect our character NFTs will open themselves up to more game, challenge, contest and VIP experiences.

Describe the team

Owner & Founder, Diamond De Vies-Ellis, brings a host of experiences. She has a BBA in Accounting, Certificate in Corporate Entrepreneurship and currently is a licensed Realtor in the State of Nevada, working as a Senior Acquisitions Analyst. In her tenure she has experience in administrative, sales, recruiting, and managing. She shares a passion for writing and is heavily enthused with Cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Her diverse skillsets, coupled with idealistic mentality makes her perfect for this start-up that is poised to create a new literacy lane!

As of now, most of the work done within the company is by freelancers. Upon securing necessary funding the following roles will be filled: 1. Social Media Manager – 
Expert at building and engaging with community. SMM will need to be knowledgeable in SEO, social media trends and have insight in NFT and literature industries. 2. Brand Ambassador/Community Manager – Able to convert writer followers into members. Great at representing a brand and building community. Also serve as account manager to answer questions author members incur. 3. Content writer - Writer with experience in NFT, cryptocurrencies, and/or blockchain ecosystems. Well-versed individual with a keen grasp of SEO. Handles blog entries, public relations, etc. 4. Director of Operations - Organized individual with managerial background. Able to oversee all NFT submissions, handle issues as they arise, ensure writers needs are met, drops properly facilitated and manager of staff.


Phase 1 2022: Build the community, hire team, facilitate pack drops. Phase 2 2023-2024: Continue building community and growing team, introduction to What’s Next Games, Contests and Quizzes, release of What’s Next NFTs for varying rarity levels, and WN takes ownership in the metaverse

Phase 3 2024-2025: What’s Next goes international (formerly published NFTs will be translated into different languages), open to writers where English is not their primary spoken/written language, increase engagement through WN Awards and Meetups, launch What’s Next platform for other areas of art (film, music, social media, etc).

Capital needed and how it will be used

What’s Next needs $150,000 in order to finish developing and fully launch to use as follows: 30K for TokenMinds community building, marketing and NFT Development services 20k for advertising 10k for metaverse land acquisition 60k staff 10k other nft design support 5k administrative 15k buffer

Links to social media, website, etc.

Coming soon website:

Website being developed. Once funding is secured then separate site for NFT marketplace will be developed. IG and Twitter @whatsnext_nfts

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