Jacob Chamness




Collection size


Proposed retail price of project


Proposed discount for the Cap3 DAO


Describe the project

We are building an ecosystem of 2 free & 1 paid NFT products that run on $THREE token:

3list: Web3 Social Growth Tool, 0% NFT Marketplace & Launchpad (ETH & SOL) M3ta Fight Club: "Free to Earn" Game-fi 3D Fighter with PvP Token Wagers Waifu House: Real Estate Back Networking NFT

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

Waifu House reserves 60% of mint funds and 100% of trading fees for down payments on luxury AirBnB properties which are used for cash flow and holder utility.

3list will feature a 0% fee NFT marketplace with cosmetic monetization M3ta Fight Club will be the first free to earn crypto game with sustainable tokenomics.

Describe the team

Passionate team of marketers, developers and NFT enthusiasts with intense focus on creating sustainable and disruptive NFT infrastructure.



Capital needed and how it will be used

Total of $250,000

Used as: $100,000 Team salary $100,000 Marketing $50,000 Reserve

Links to social media, website, etc.

Waifu House: Twitter - Website -

3List: Twitter - Website - Live Beta Product Example - M3ta Fight Club: Twitter -

Upload, pitch deck, one pager, bios or any collateral if available

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