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Describe the project

Manifesting DAO is a web3 entertainment company that produces film & television projects. Think Netflix, but built for web3. You own your membership, you decide what gets made. Manifesting DAO allows its members to participate in the filmmaking process, bringing fans closer to creatives.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

Manifesting DAO has a unique operational component that sets us apart from projects like ours: a curation layer called the "Creative Guild." A council of esteemed artists, cultural influencers, and industry experts ensures that we hold the highest standard in our body of work by only introducing film and television projects to the DAO that meet an exceptionally high bar of quality.

Currently we have three film & television projects in development: 1) The Manifesting TV series. A half-hour dramatic comedy that offers a sexy, empathetic look at the dreams and desires of four lost millennials grasping for love, success, and higher-purpose in the city of Los Angeles. Think HBO's Silicon Valley meets @overheadLA. 2) Lucid Dreaming, a docuseries that lives in real time, exploring and discovering the emerging paradigm of web3 as it transforms the planet with a new economic mindset. 3) I Feel Nothing, A 90-minute suspense thriller that tells the story of a corporate loner’s failure to reintegrate into society after having experienced a weeks-long surge of adrenaline at the hands of his kidnapper. Think Hostel or Saw.

Describe the team

Paul Kennedy Jr. Co-Founder, CEO. 3x Founder, Military Veteran, Former Navy Diver. Aerospace Engineer on the James Webb Space Telescope. Actor, Storyteller, Builder.

Kyle Dumovic Co-Founder, CTO. Founder of Lucid Dreaming, a web3 design agency & consulting firm. Google[x]. Stanford Computer Science. Francesca Bassa Co-Founder, CMO. Marketing Maven. Microsoft, Lyft & Stanford Alum. US National Fencing Team.


Q3’22 (Seed - $250k-$1m) - Raise from Angels in SAFEs and Founding NFT Memberships - Marketing campaign for 1st drop - Begin development on Manifesting & Lucid Dreaming Reality Series

Q4’22 (1st Drop - $7-10m) - Mint Genesis Memberships at .5 ETH* - Pool out seed investors - Secure name talent for next project - Start development on multiple projects - IRL & metaverse member premieres - Marketing campaign for 2nd drop - Festival & sales circuit Q3’23 (2nd Drop - $50m+) - Mint 50,000 Memberships - Secure A-List Director for big project - Develop vertically integrated streaming platform for members - Growth marketing campaign - Studio & streamer partnerships - Airdrop MDAO-Tokens to Founding and Genesis members

Capital needed and how it will be used

All funding is utilized as follows: 50% - Acquisition, Development & Initial Production Fund 15% - Technical Infrastructure & Development 15% - Marketing 10% - Legal 10% - Operations

$250K gets us: - MANIFESTING > Package development - Lucid Dreaming > Package Development > Shoot Test/Pilot Footage - I Feel Nothing > Option Script - Grass Roots Marketing Campaign - Legal: Consultation - Simple Membership NFT Artwork - Basic technical infrastructure using existing, “out-of-the-box” solutions $1M gets us: - MANIFESTING > Package development > Shoot the pilot episode > Write & develop all 9 episodes of Season 1 - Lucid Dreaming > Package Development > Produce Season 1 (10 episodes) - I Feel Nothing > Option Script > Package Development > Start pre-production - Full scale marketing campaign with partnerships - Legal: In-house counsel - Commissioned Membership NFT Artwork - Fully bespoke technical stack, we own the software and distribution platform - Development of new ERC-721 token standard

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Website: (work in progress) Twitter: @manifestingdao

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