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Patent protected, web3 integrated consumer tech appliance for mass market cannabis niche. I have partnered with Leafly which has 10,000,000+ qualified buyers for this product we will be launching to, and I have also partnered with a high level CPG team with 30+ years experience in consumer electronics. This is a true paradigm shift in the consumer culture, and acts as a mass market friendly way to encourage web3 adoption in regular consumers.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

We created the product class, and it is fully patent protected. We actually just defended the patent for a 6th time, and it was a very in depth challenge so since we won, we can never be challenged on our IP again - basically we have a monopoly on this product class, and there are more waiting in the pipeline to be developed. All can be web3 integrated.

Describe the team

Procter & Gamble executives, CPG experts with $2.5B monetization of patents, 80%+ patents monetized, NASDAQ listed global leading company for exclusive partnership, it's the best and only team in the world to pull this off.


It's been 5 years of R&D, we are at tooling, and ready to launch.

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Capital needed and how it will be used

$750k is required for me to get to launch, though my ask is $1.25M to do this all to exceptional standards. Millions have already been leveraged with my partners to get it to this point, now it's my turn to inject capital and build the digital assets and integrations.

$200k for app development $200k owing on project costs $50k on NFT creation $150k on marketing + presales campaigns $50k on misc. legal/IP $20k-$30k for AR creation $2k-$20k for metaverse launch events $20k-$50k for artist/brand/celeb endorsements

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