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The proposed project will be a NFT with an image of the rules for the classroom gamification system called YsUp. YsUp is a game of players assisting students to answer factual questions either asked by the teacher or by the student during any lecture. Students and teachers compete for points and increase in level to earn badges. YsUp also serves as a behavioral management system and gamifies every aspect of the class

Objective The object of the game is score more points than the teacher and understand everything taught in class before the bell rings. How do you score points The teacher scores points (500 YBucks) every time students don’t ask questions throughout the lecture when prompted “Are there any questions”? Students score points for arriving to correct answers (10 YBucks) and assisting their classmates with the questions asked (100 YBucks). The class gains 250 YBucks for good behavior.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP? 
The NFT will also include a collective 10% stake in the business divided by each NFT Sold. 10,000 NFTs will be sold for $250 each NFT sold will provide a signed stock certificate with a name provided. Free Admission to all our future YsUp Conference to showcase the new product releases and developments of YsUp. Free early access to all of our original content we produce for YsUp Academy and YsUp University Google Form will be created to collect information of NFT Buyers (shareholders) to mail Annual report, conference tickets and deliver other perks. Discord server will be created with NFT buyers (shareholders) to keep buyers updated every month on the business’s growth.

Describe the team

Najee Jeremiah former Teacher and inventor of the YsUp Game. Bachelors from Brooklyn College will pursue a Doctorate of Education at Columbia University.

Chris Smith, Full Stack Developer, Developer of, the YsUp Social Network for college students.


August 9th, 2022 - NFT of Game Rules will be sold YsUp October 18, 2022 - Game kits will be go on sale Q3 2023 - NYC Public School Contract 400+ high schools x $300 = $120,000+ Q3 2024 - New York State K12 Market - 4,409 K12 Schools x $300.00 = $1.3 M Q3 2025 - NY (4,409)/NJ (7,529)/CT (3,268) Tri-State K-12 Market = 15,206 K12 Schools x 300 = $4.5 M Q3 2026 - North East K-12 Market (9 States )- Approx 40,000 Schools x 300 = $12 M 2026 Goals - 20M Students playing The YsUp Game K-12 10M Users on (9-12 & College) Open 9 new YsUp “Bookstores” 1 in each state in the North East region of the United States. Reach 12M in annual revenue for the company. Start production on YsUp Original Series. Negotiate a multi-million dollar contract with US Dept of Education to wholesale YsUp Game Kits across the country as a pilot program.

Capital needed and how it will be used

NFT Seed Round - $2M ($20M Evaluation) Burn Rate - 24 mo. Equity - 10%

Minority Stake Investment $300K - Office Space/Renovation/Packaging Facility/Brick & Mortar For YsUp Workshops (5,000 sqft = 1250 sqft (office space), 1250 sqft (packaging/inventory), 2500 sqft (“bookstore” for workshops) ($20-24 per sqft/year price range) $1.5M - Labor Wages (12 Employees) - Workshop Teachers, IOS developers, product assemblers, marketing managers, sales reps, etc. $50K - Transportation (Conferences/School Workshops) $150K Marketing Budget - Conferences, Social Media Video Advertising (Facebook)

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