Unleashed Platinum




^Art/Collectible; ^Metaverse; ^Utility

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Describe the project

Unleashed Platinum Is a high fashion 3D nfts wearable both in metaverse and in real world. with the ability to stand out different unlike other projects out there through our utilities. E.g, every year we will have an end of the year party in most big cities around the world as long as Web3 is still in existence. holders of (UP) Will wear our brooches as a symbol of royalty at the end of the year party and other events by Unleashed Platinum

The Lifetime royalties of our NFTs holders using our ecosystem of our crypto coupon via Unleashed Discounts mobile app. Which have never been done by any project out there. To build a strong team, elevate and inspire others also to build an environment for everyone to feel at home with one mission of being one of the most top trending NFTs in the Vital world and in the real world. And many more.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

Holders of this nft can use the ip for there own adventage

Describe the team

We are team of friends and workers that have tune to family with one mission of bringing this project to success, to inspire and elevate people.


Q1 2022 Launch social media channels. As momentum grows, launch an exclusive clothing line that features images from the NFT collection. Launch NFT Merchant app ( Unleashed Discount).

Q2 2022 JULY - We launch our NFT Collection on Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721. The REVEAL of all the images after minting concludes on OPENSEA.IO. We will acquire digital land in the Metaverse to bring to life the vision of the project. Unleashed Discount App development continues with the latest technologies to bring the most immersive and interactive experience that technology currently allows. Our project’s diamond hand holders will get tremendous perks and the most rewards moving forward. Automatic whitelist spots for any future projects that drop! Our project believes in giving back and wants to donate to charities identified by our community with 10% going to these: T.B.D. Q3 2022 Donations will be made to community-based organizations that our members will vote on— making a real-world difference! REAL LIFE Event - Meet & greet - meet the founders and other community holders. More details on the community’s voted for favorite spot! Q4 2022 Construction finishes for our new home clubhouse in the Metaverse. We can’t wait to reveal the exclusive high fashion platform and the Unleashed Discount App. Future expansion plans revealed tying in the Metaverse, clubhouse and RealLife. If you are an original wallet holder of our first edition NFTs, you get access to the Penthouse inside the clubhouse and Discounted Luxury LifeStyle, more benefits! The highest rewards for long term supporters and holders of our project.

Capital needed and how it will be used

$70,000-170,000. This will be used to finish our marking campaign by paying influence and celebrities to reach as many audience as possible we can reach our there that is looking for profitable project to invest on.

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