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The bridge to the world of web3. Web3 Gallery stands out from other applicants because we seek to teach the curious the "how" and "why" for Web3. We do this by displaying the industries most captivating products, and onboarding as many people as possible to Web3. Metaverses, NFTs, Web3 Gaming, and Cryptocurrencies purchase exhibit space to display and sell their Web3 product offerings IRL. With a 300 Genesis collection NFT drop, it is a highly strategic, sustainable business model. About $1.4 Million in Revenue and Accounts Receivable to Date - Opened on June 20.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

We are bridging the gap between web3 and the general population by making it accessible at brick and mortar locations via a guided experience. We're not just benefitting us, but the entire web3 ecosystem by growing the understanding of it, breaking the barriers to entry, and allowing all web3 solutions to have valuable marketing space and data for their specific needs.

Describe the team

We are a team of visionaries and executers. Our CEO is a proven serial entrepreneur and former professional baseball player. He has scaled businesses in Real Estate Development, Education Tech, and Crypto Marketing. He helped take Floki above a $3b market cap. He has the rare combination of knowledge to make this project successful. Our COO left a successful career as a Business & Real Estate Attorney to follow the vision for Web3 Gallery. A fan and investor since 2013, his first full time project Floki reached a $3b+ market cap in 4 months. He is a brilliant marketer, networker, and problem solver. He also has a rare combination of legal and crypto experience to help make this project a success. Our CTO was a Solutions Architect for a Fortune 200 company before becoming the first to use NFTs as a subscription to software on the blockchain with his project(s) Cyber Dads & Cyber Babies. He is an exceptional communicator and Web3 developer. He is creating proprietary software that makes Web3 Gallery possible.


Launch flagship store in NYC > Sell out Genesis collection > Develop the franchise > Launch stores around the US > Sell out Genesis collections in all new locations > Launch stores globally > Sell out Genesis collections in all new locations.

Capital needed and how it will be used

3 Million overall raise. 250K grant check. 10% human capital, 10% technological development, 20% business development, 30% customer experience and marketing, and 30% operations.

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