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Describe the project

YAK is a global luxury camping brand enabling fractional ownership of recreational properties through NFT memberships. Technically we are rolling up fractional structural ownership NFT's into a master membership NFT. We believe this technology can scale within the real estate industry.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

YAK is a pioneer in utility driven NFT marketplace focusing on fractional ownership of real estate assets.

Describe the team

Founded - booking engine for campground and rv parks. Founded Leavitt Hospitality Insurance - largest insurance brokerage for recreation properties. Employee 6 at - built marketing strategy for largest e-commerce exit in history.


Public Mint #1 - Q3 2022 Property #1 (YAK Brevard) Acquired - Q3 2022 Brevard Dome NFT launch - Q3 2022 Dome customization one on one's - Q3 2022 Brevard Dome NFT's balance due date - Q3 2022 Dome Orders placed - Q3 2022 Public Mint #2 - Q4 2022 Domes delivered to property - Q1 2023 $YAKS Token pre-sale - Q1 2023 YAK Brevard soft opening - Q1 2023 Public Mint #3 - Q1 2023 Property #2 located - Q1 2023 YAK Brevard public launch (full marketing and booking engine push) - Q1 2023 Property #2 Offered - Q2 2023 $YAKS Token IDO - Q2 2023

Capital needed and how it will be used

$300,000. We will use this capital injection to purchase property #1 which we've already made an offer on.

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