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Describe the project

A web3 record label/video game studio that fuses art with tech to create new experiences for our audience through NFTs. Integrating two industries to grow a new kind of market. Our collections consist of NFT passes to access token gated music and experiences, 3D characters to be utilized in our video game ecosystem, and art collections that'll be displayed worldwide at galleries and museums.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

We're one of the first web3 record labels with a clear path to our goals. It's also an Afrocentric brand offering a new perspective on how African art, music and culture is viewed and marketed. A conglomerate media house that's capable of producing top quality content in any medium.

Describe the team

Founded by Irebobola Olusoga, a Nigerian born singer and music producer based in California, who graduated from the prestigious Full Sail university.

CoFounder/Lead game dev. Brian Scott Emuakpor, also of Nigerian descent and a Full Sail alumni, is the machine behind our video game department who’s already designed playable prototypes for our first game in the series of releases.


- Secure capital for seed round (24 months) - Onboard team members to scale up productivity and impact - ReLaunch brand/collections with new aggressive campaigns and marketing - Release multiple token gated albums by our current roster artists (powered by tellie) - Initate local and international tours and events promoting our music catalog primarily - Release beta of our first game available on mobile and PC - Launch our flagship collection of 4662 Babykamo 3D characters, released in batches of 777 - Launch kamoverse (Virtual reality hub) - Monetize Kamozine (digital zine) with ad sales - Initiate global visual art exhibits of our roster artists and their collections - Grow our community to a global level - Develop a brand specific wallet/hub - Develop a public token gated music streaming platform/marketplace - Develop tokenomics - ICO - Partnerships and endorsements - Strategic acquisition of useful assets and businesses

Capital needed and how it will be used

Our estimated cost of operation for our first 24 months is around $650,000 to cater to onboarding, production and marketing. There's a budget of a $120,000/yr for team members. Leaving roughly $400,000 for project production, marketing, and events planning.

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