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Describe the project

RIFT-AR is an augmented reality platform that enpowers a seamless bond between digital and physical worlds through their phone camera.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

RIFT will allow creators to purchase digital layers of real estate of real world locations- on these plots of land creators can build immersive experiences to support community connection, entertainment and convenience.

Describe the team

Adam Wavy- CEO- prev. Cashdrop - Business Development, Cold Chillen- Experiential Marketing, lifelong entrepreneur.

Michael Kiranov- CTO- prev. Empersaria Cosmetics - Founder, Harvard Innovation Labs- Mentor. Karo Fedorwicz- COO- prev. Crypto Day Trader, 3D Voxel Designer, Community Organizer.


We will be launching a beta of the RIFT platform in Fall- with various large scale activations.

In the coming year expanding the platforms social communications, selling digital land, leveraging strategic partners with community oriented creators to build digital destinations across US a lot like Wynwood in Miami. By the end of the year- we hope to add an Augmented social feed and launch our brand mascot that will serve as our host of the platform(ex. Mickey Mouse)

Capital needed and how it will be used

We are raising $3M seed round for 15% equity at 20M valuation. We are seeking to secure a lead investor for $1M-$1.5M.

We are willing to be flexible and work with the right strategic investors. We will deploy into building a team to scale the project long term- with a focus on web3 developers, creative marketing and business development. A more detailed report can be found on our pitch deck.

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