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East Wave Productions is creating the easiest way to become a Film and TV producer through Web3 and NFTs. We will create multimedia baskets and utilities paired with our Film and TV content that will increase in value as the content and its ancillary content is released and boosts recognition. EWP will build high-concept short-form shows, films, reality media, feature films, etc. for the NFT market utilizing a multimedia ecosystem that will fuel the goal of producing high concept content with extremely high commercial viability that will financially benefit all involved.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

All EWP content is new and original and created by the EWP team. We are providing a rare opportunity for people interested in stories, themes, experiences, and the film and television industry itself to engage in the movie making process. We are offering multi-tiered options that fit the level of engagement you desire. Some examples of our unique and exclusive content are - the reality TV, NFT experience, NFT Island, which provides an interactive, video game like experience that allows participants to effect the outcome of the contestants, and the show itself. Also, our final film, Downhill, which tells a unique story about the struggles and difficult questions parents go through when they find out their child is at high risk for a significant disability. This story has an immense target audience and high commercial viability while telling an extremely impactful and relevant story. Please go to for more information on these film and the other two in the project - password: Downhill88

Describe the team

East Wave Productions LLC (EWP) is a next-generation media finance company engaged in developing investment funds for motion picture productions with a focus on professionally producing unique and entertaining low budget, micro budget motion pictures and documentaries. Headed by Tom Slivinski, EWP - NFT Project has brought Russel Pikus onboard to advise. Collectively both have worked at Warner Brothers, Disney, Universal Studios, Hulu, SYFY and Apple on projects that include Encanto, J. Edgar, Raya, the Last Dragon, The Mindy Project, and many more, these two artist entrepreneurs learned how to build their own entertainment empire and are using the Web3 space as the vehicle to make it happen. Along with a vast network of independent contractors and artists EWP uses to produce its content, we have teamed up with Austin Visuals to facilitate the Technology and coding side while East Wave build films and content. Please go to for more information about the team - password: Downhill88


East Wave Productions is looking for an initial investment of $250,000 to engage the construction of our NFT Market, NFTs, and two of the four IP's we are planning for the project. Once production is underway minting and marketing will commence along with establishment of the EWP - NFT ecosystem. The minted NFTs will be 32gb baskets that we be filled periodically with BTS, podcast, and film content from the project attached to the NFT. The sales from these NFTs will allow us to then produce our final two projects. Once those two projects begin production we will then mint our final NFTs, bringing the grande total to 20,000 NFTs. The profits from the sales of the NFTs, the Films, and the BTS and Podcast content will be split among EWP, top tier NFT holders, and Cap3. The further minting and distribution of any and all content will be up to EWP and the top tier NFT holders. Please go to for a detailed explanation of the timeline and process - password: Downhill88

Capital needed and how it will be used

EWP has created a two step process needing an initial investment of $250,000 that will be divided between the minting of 20,000 NFTs and the production of two of our IPs, DigiGurl and NFT Island. Once the sale of these NFTs begin the profits will provide the investment of the final two films in the process, HUMAN - Alien Abduction and Downhill. Please go to to see the individual project proposals and budgets along with the EWP - NFT Project budget password: Downhill88

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EWP - NFT Project password: Downhill88

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