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Genesis tapes was created as a platform for legendary hip hop producers. We are telling producers stories from the other side of the mic booth via NFT. Collectibles. We launched our first collection with the first man to ever produce 2pac. We have multiple projects planned with several other platinum producers but I need help with marketing and securing these contracts and down payments to get the artists and producers on board.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

New music, art by world renowned artists and several distinguishing 1 of 1s within the collection. And merch for these collections.

Describe the team

Michael Bonner web 3 dev Low Sleazy blockchain evangelist and advisor Me owner: founder genesistapes and Cali's finest apparel Gable - 2pacs first ever producer SKAM- well accomplished album cover artist and art director Paul Austin - founder of PLAY MARIN YOUTH ADVOCATE


It is the goal of the genesis tapes to become THE web3 platform for hip hop producers to tell their stories via NFT collectibles. Genesistapes volume 1 plans on working with 4 of 2pac producers (side A) and 4 of Mac Dre's producers (side B). Each producer will have their own project and will tell their own story via an NFT collection. In addition each producer will contribute a free beat to each holder of their NFT which can be entered into a song contest. At the conclusion of genesis takes volume 1 we will be releasing an aNFT mixtape free to all holders which will feature contest winners from each series. Lastly 10% of the proceeds from each project will go to PLAY MARIN programs where we will teach the youth about web3 and cybersecurity to level the playing field for jobs of tomorrow.

Capital needed and how it will be used

250k to secure contracts with producers and artists. Marketing. Web3 developers.

Links to social media, website, etc. @thegenesistapes twitter and IG

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