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Proposed retail price of project


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Describe the project

- Mystical Wizard Guild (MWG) is the official NFT behind the MysticSwap platform - MysticSwap is an NFT trading platform for secure swaps and trades. Example use case: you wanna trade your BAYC for a MAYC + some ETH. This is how you do it. - Holders of the MWG NFT gain a unique edge and ROI when trading. - First tier of MWG has been closed at 120 NFTs - Second tier is opening in about a month, with 500 NFTs.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

We are a unique value proposition in the (swap) NFT marketplace landscape, and are solving for all the problems that our current competitors face - No fake ETH/NFTs (Sudoswap's problem), swap listings available (Opensea, NFTtrader's problem), swaps feature (Opensea, x2y2's problem) and low fees, at 0.5% (Opensea's problem).

We are also the first platform (outside Opensea) to be powered by the Opensea Seaport Protocol.

Describe the team

Founding team: Kelmat - Former web2 founder turned web3 founder Kntvlr - AWS Software Engineer and co-founder of a currently successful NFT project.

Relevant team members: ImMatt - Experienced Marketing Manager, has helped sell out other projects in the past; Ilya - Experienced Comms Director turned Strategic Advisor Enzo - Experienced Community Manager Bananaxtrapro - Active community member turned Mod


- Mystical Wizard NFT Launch We will start by growing our community and launching the Mystical Wizard NFT collection. These 3,333 unique PFP wizards will grant you access to benefits when using our platform and to a community of like-minded wizards.

- MysticSwap Launch Launch a Peer to Peer NFT escrow platform. Enable swaps, trades and begin collection verifications. - Eth Trading 2.0 Enable users to trade multiple NFTs for multiple NFTs and ERC-20 tokens. Enable users to list their NFTs and say what collections / tokens they want in return. Introduce marketplace, bidding and negotiation mechanics. - Token IDO & Staking Introduce $MYST, our token backed by platform revenue and secondary sales. Enable our Guild members to stake their wizard and earn $MYST. Trading on the platform will earn you $MYST. - Multi-Chain Trading & Staking 2.0 Enable staking of partner NFTs and $MYST for $MYST. Start supporting other chains on the platform (think Polygon, BSC). - To The Moon and Beyond! NFT analytics, lending... it's gonna be a fun ride🚀 More info in our Whitepaper:

Capital needed and how it will be used

We realistically need all the capital we can get our hands on, as we will need it for marketing after platform is developed. For now, selling out tier 2 will be 500 NFTs at 0.5 ETH, which at ~1700 USD/ETH is 42k USD approximately. This will suffice for us to complete the product and take it to market (section 'Eth trading 2.0) of the roadmap.

Everything we then get from public mint will be directed towards further sections of the roadmap and marketing. What we propose here is to give Cap3 special access to our tier 2 mint, at 0.5 ETH. We would then open tier 3 at 0.7 ETH, guaranteeing your community an immediate profit. Whatever Cap3 doesn't mint in tier 2, we take to WL + public mint.

Links to social media, website, etc.

Platform beta -> NFT website -> whitepaper -> Discord -> Twitter ->

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