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The Great Undead War

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Joseph Nassise




^Art/Collectible; ^Metaverse; ^PFP; ^Social Impact

Collection size


Proposed retail price of project


Proposed discount for the Cap3 DAO


Describe the project

The Metanomoly Collection (working title)

10k artwork NFT collection in signature Metageist style. Hand crafted abstract 3D layers make up idiosyncratic surreal characters. Artwork layers will be created by me in virtual reality, rendered as image layers and pieced together in Photoshop. Abstract character compositions created during embodied VR painting sessions. As an example you could imagine Soothsayer from my Nifty Gateway drop could be a legendary piece in this collection. Partnering with a 3rd party (likely for smart contract, back-end and front-end development. Beautifully designed mobile ready one pager website with 3D asset integration, Credit Card onramp. Drop day support. Rarity scaling. Discount for CAP3 holders and existing Metageist collectors on ETH mainnet. Digital identity lore inspired by AI, metaverse, supernatural, avatars, aliens, out of body experiences, shadow people, neurodiversity, dreams, psychedelics. These are the masks of the others. The new faces of the metaverse. More than just a 2D PFP collection, with experimental features and community building around fascinating futurist subjects while avoiding over-promising and instead utilizing existing communities and platforms wherever possible. Metaverse hub. I’ll design a “Temple” and surrounding sculpture park for the display of the collection as well as a place to host events during digital meetups. See my Spinnerette space on Monaverse for example of this type of VR sculpted digital architecture. Limited edition physical sculptures with Augmented Reality mask overlay will be created for lucky holders of rare Legendary entities. In line with the Cyclops project, these will be 3D modeled by me and cast in solid bronze with a permanent AR marker on the face which overlays the collectors own Metanomoly abstract face composition. Akin to my previous Cyclops/Basilisk pieces, but much larger and higher quality. Marketing and promotion. I’ll build a dedicated website for the storytelling and minting. I’ll employ a community manager and mods for the Discord. I will host livestreams showing my process of creation where allowlist winners, CAP3 holders and existing Metageist collectors can watch and influence the creation of the abstract designs of the PFP elements. I will also host panel discussions focussed on associated subjects including digital identity, neurodiversity (ADHD, Autism etc), virtual spaces, lucid dreaming etc. I’ll also create limited edition AR face filters for the promotion of the collection on Instagram. I’ll employ a trusted typographer (Dominic LeHair) to create a bespoke typographic logo. $EYE. I also have my own social token. I currently hold 7.7million $EYEs which can be used to incentivise the community to attend events etc. This might need a dedicated social token manager. Discount for holders. Social Impact. A small percentage of profits will go towards hand picked VR therapy research projects. Event. Funds will be spent on a huge immersive event (London/NY) with speakers and panel discussions during the day and a focus on mixed reality, projection mapping, live electronic music and immersive club experiences, with lessons taken from Dreamverse and Proof of People both of which I contributed to as a speaker and curator.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

This will be the very first VR authored 10k drop, to my knowledge, and the first large drop under the Metageist brand that has an established presence in the space and a good existing collector base. The project will be future focussed and aligned with the current metaverse offerings to be as immersive and future proof as possible. Utilizing VR and 3D authoring tools, it’s more than a 2D PFP drop the art and the architecture of the metaverse environments will be ahead of the curve in terms of interoperable metaverse utility.

Describe the team

About Metageist

I’m a digital artist, speaker and event promoter with over 20 years experience running creative businesses. I have been using Virtual Reality art tools for 6 years and selling Crypto Art for almost 2.5 years since my March 2020 genesis. Visit to see all my portfolio links. I have launched 5 sold out Nifty Gateway drops and I’ve made 764 art sales on Ethereum to date. Metageist collectors include Metapurse (the famous Beeple buyer which catapulted NFTs into the mainstream), and high profile artists and collectors Coldie, Trevor Jones, Matt Kane, Alotta Money, Pranksy, Moderats, Quasimondo, Brian Buchanan, Sparrow Reid. I created and sold the worlds first (to my knowledge) augmented reality sculpture with the Cyclops project. This collection curated an exhibition of digital artwork and delivered it to a strictly limited edition physical sculpture. I created a mixed reality TEDx talk in VR. I was one of ten curators chosen by Metapurse’s NY event Dreamverse. I am lead NFT curator for who have been selling original 1/1 artworks by Warhol, Dali and Picasso etc for decades. I recently MC’d the three day Proof of People NFT art event in London. ------------------- The rest of the Team: Lead by myself the team will be made up of trusted peers and friends made along the way over the last few years. The collection will be designed by me and I’ll also lead on the lore and storytelling as well as lead the first few panels/spaces, with the rest outsourced to following trusted contacts. Smart Contract, Back-end and front-end Dev support from Linum Labs. Digital architecture for use in Monaverse, Webaverse and possible others, by Adam Chernick Bespoke Avatar airdrop by Planet_VR (if time and income allows) Community Manager Jonathon Frascella who recently supported the Aku team who’s project recently graced the front cover of TIME magazine. 3D printed/metal sculptures by James of Hexa Cubed $EYE Social Token management help from Bradley from Tryroll Event management by Outstanding Events (a long time friend and trusted event manager with AR/VR/projector specialist experience. A whole host of trusted DJs (including Platinum selling Varien) and VR/AR artists for the events.


October - December 2022 ____________________________

Metageist artwork asset creation Brand design Website design Smart Contract / back-end dev and test Sculpture Prototypes printed and tested Metaverse space design and build December - January (exact drop date to be confirmed) _________________________________________________________ Drop split into Allow List (inc all CAP3 holders with discount) followed by Public Minting. Reveal very soon after. Time for secondary to become active before Legendary sculpture snapshot. Bronze sculptures forged and sent Token Gated Metaverse environment revealed. Early 2023 ___________ Huge IRL celebration for all holders

Capital needed and how it will be used


Core Dev payment for Smart Contract, Front-end and Back-end dev as well as consulting and marketing support. Likely Linum Labs: ~$30k Lead artist wage to allow for focus entirely on this project above all other drops or commitments. Overall management, 10k conceptualisation, VR creation, layered comps for traits, metaverse environment design, 10x bronze sculpture designs, lore, event appearances, travel, software costs, 30k. Marketing budget for sponsorship of crypto/NFT events (NFT.London etc), NFT gallery takeovers, billboards, ads, apparel, travel, accommodation etc: $30k Full time Community/Discord Manager $360 per day for up to 60 days before and after the drop; $21600. 3D printing and metal casting for 10 legendary bronze physicals (G.W Lunt Birmingham) inc model cleanup, prototyping, postage and Hexa consultancy fee. $10k Consultancy and design time for digital wearables and avatars to offer additional gifts to holders specifically designed to be interoperable across multiple NFT metaverse platforms. ~10k Metaverse space Unity build, code, test. Model optimisation, consultancy: $12k Launch Party. Free entry to holders immersive event management, venue rental, open bar, speakers, screens, marketing, performers, VJs, DJs, free goody bags and apparel: $50k Leaves roughly 7k for unexpected additional costs along the way.

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