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ItsJust Christina's ArT

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Christina ilczyszyn




^Art/Collectible; ^Metaverse; ^Tools/Platform; ^Utility; ^Social Impact

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I use LoFi listening experience while artistically guiding my students thru #sensorysessions and/or #ArTizFuN

Not only was there student engagement; there was connection... to what some might call the unfortunate "unconnectable circumstance"... What i found was children; including my own... who have been striped of the ability to gain perspective alongside creativity... Alas; we have people πŸ˜” unable to exercise their ability to be creative specific to their individual need πŸ™„ WE the human species initually befain its quezt for... #"SELF AUTONOMY" WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN... 😳 NOT SURE... BUT HAVING FUN FINDING OUT... #engagement # #experience #people #students #creativity #creative

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My self... My daughter (Kalyna) for generational feesability... My partner (Chris) Creative potential and moral support... Cheif evecutive (Chester Cheese) our guiding light... People, places and things that make up lyfe... All is included cuz #W333Us


Brink of somthin guud... Need (modest) financial support to keep it going... Letz do diz shit!

Capital needed and how it will be used

22k to supply with neccessities to further growth of initiative that will help people (esp those with disABILITY)... There is great time as there are multiple πŸ˜€ inituatives to aid in digital storytelling and community art 🎨

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