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Tommie Mac, Inc.




^DeFi; ^Utility; Proptech | Real World Utility | Fintech

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Describe the project

We are building the web3 bridge for the mortgage industry. We better connect borrowers, lenders and investors by tokenizing mortgages. We are democratizing mortgage on a global scale. DeFi the Status Quo

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

Definitely. We have the best team and board of advisors in the industry. We have 3 proprietary protocols that are the back bone of Tommie Mac. We have 5 different token types. Funding Tokens - represent interest in a mortgage Security Tokens - Represent interest in a mortgage backed security Servicing Tokens - Represents Mortgage Servicing Rights Recordation Tokens - Soul Bound Tokens that represent recorded real world events Tommie Tokens - DAO governance tokens

Describe the team

CEO Thomas Ferrier - Has started multiple businesses, Built very successfull mortgage business - Has been in Crypto for over 4 years. COO- Peter Heimerdinger - Has been a C level leader for the past decade - Built a metaverse business that eventually merged with Tommmie Mac CTO Karthik - Has been a CTO for some of the biggest mortgage companies in the country and has built several loan operating systems CFO Sean Sievers - Currently at Figure Technologies but is ready to move to Tommie Mac as soon as funding is achieved. Board of Advisors: Dr. Mark Calabria - Former Director of FHFA Rick Sharga - Vice President of Attom Data Dr. Anthony B. Sanders - World Famous Economist


We are heads down building for the next 6-8 months. We have to become a registered broker dealer with the SEC over the next 10-12 months Launch in the next 12-16 months. This extended roadmap is actually very strategic. Our solution is going to wait till max bearish pain is felt in the market and then launch as the cure.

Capital needed and how it will be used

We are raising a pre-seed round of 3 million. We have already partnered with the two best law firms in the mortgage, blockchain, and securities industry. Although we have gotten the seal of approval from both as being a fully compliant solution, there will be legal fees. We are also building a world class team. This is very important in this space to have the right talent on board. The majority of our raise will go to working capital to meet minimum requirements for servicing and other licensing costs.

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