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^Art/Collectible; ^Metaverse; ^PFP; ^Utility

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Expanding the value of alternative assets by simplifying the transactability of digital & physical collectibles.

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• Verify physical asset ownership and represent that ownership digitially on the blockchain through secure collectible vault (located in Delaware, expanding..) • Hobbyverse expands display innovation and community experience, allowing collectible owners to bring their entire collection anywhere, instantly - without worry of physical storage or transportation. • Hobbyverse PFP faciliates a community-driven experience and gamification where collectors can participate in new hobby experiences right from their couch at home.

Describe the team

Matthew Hoffman (Full-Time) Entrepreneur w/ 2 Successful exits in 7 years (one to a public company | NASDAQ: RP). Problem Solver. Brand Builder. Sales & Marketing Tactician. Hannah Zarley (Full-Time) Product Operations & Product Development savant with 10+ years product development and go-to-market experience from startup to enterprise. Dev Whisperer. Detailed Communicator. Operational Executor. Jason Spiewak (Part-Time) B2C Entrepreneur and Public Influencer. Power Connector. Opporunity Generator. Sales Master.


Phase 1 - HobbyBOT PFP Mint • 800: Allocated to buyers during the Public Sale • 44: Allocated to buyers during the Pre-Sale • 22: Allocated for future collaborations, marketing, special contributors, sponsors, community winners, advisors • 22: Allocated for Hobby Cartel founding members and investors • Pre-Mint 0.1 ETH • Public-Mint 0.2 ETH Phase 2 - Hobbyverse Expansion • 1% of transctions in marketplace

Capital needed and how it will be used

$100K to finish PFP design and marketing ( Target Market: Trading Card Collectors / The world is becoming increasingly receptive to collectible toys, integration of physical and digital thrive in a technology-driven marketplace. Increasing internet access and the presence of digital content in the entertainment industry is the key reason for the growth of the global animation collectibles market. The sale of toy collectibles associated with movies and TV shows is anticipated to increase tremendously in near future through offline and online distribution channels. Further, rapid urbanization, the growth of the internet, and e-commerce are the major factors driving the animation collectibles market. Avengers, Star Wars, and other movie IPs drive a large portion of the market for Collectible Toys. Because of this, this market is not seasonal as traditional toys. Describe your target customers. Why did you target exactly these customers? If relevant, why are they the best early adopters? * Trading Card Collectors (specifically Millenials and Gen Z). Traditional generation mantra pre-millenial has been averse to digital collectbles w/ a strong desire to hold a physical collectible that's tangible. For reasons mentioned above, the Hobbyverse can shift aversion to digital by creating a framework that shifts our target customers out of a sales-driven event mindset and into a carnival like experience that offers an abundance of choice at the intersection of digital and physical collectibles.

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