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MAĐdegen Ventures is the team behind the MAĐdegens Community (MĐC) and DAO. 👊 A decentralized VC alternative (dVC) and social crowdfunding DAO. Our Mission: to simplify and democratize access to funding for creators and builders in web3 at the Seed, MVP, and Launch stage - via a collective crowdfunding Community DAO backing curated and vetted projects from the MAĐdegen Ventures Accelerator. Best of all, we never take equity! The MADdegens Community (MDC) is centered around a mission to poke fun at the status quo, web3 activism, and ensuring the space keeps its promise of being open, equitable, and decentralized for all. We do this through satire, art, and coming together to fund degens via our social crowdfunding DAO, while fudding megalomaniacs of the world. Hence, we have released a satirical NFT art series of caricatures depicting some of the world most notorious "Megalomaniacs." Join us, we're MADdegens... and so are you! Twitter: Discord:

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MADdegens is MAD Magazines meets web3 degens! 'Funding degens. Fudding megalomaniacs' Our 'Megalomaniacs' NFTs are caricatures of notorious world leaders (Megalomaniacs) who have been epitomized via out artwork. This is our creative and satirical way of poking fun at the status quo. We have two amazing artists who have rendered our NFT series, both have worked on their own projects and other notable IP such as DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and more. Our project aims to fund the 95% of Founders, Entrepreneurs, and Projects turned away from much needed funding via a vibrant social DAO.

Describe the team

Both Founders have previously exited from web2/ecommerce businesses. We also have a Community team that has grown the Sovana Community to 30k and has worked on many other projects.


**Phase 1**: **Establish Community** Onboarding system via DAOLens. - Identify reasons people are here and what they are looking for. - Identify which committee they’d like to participate in. - One-on-one calls at first, group calls afterwards. **Genesis Mint**: the Megalomaniacs (End of September). Council and Vetting panel from Genesis (to vet projects). - Same amount of NFTs given to initial council will be set aside for community member council positions. - Council will be split up into separate committees. - Committee chairs will have to vote on each council decision, making changes to a proposal as needed to reach consensus within the committee. If ever a committee doesn’t reach a consensus by the voting deadline, that committee will not participate in the general assembly. - The general assembly is where all committee chairs on the council come together to discuss their own versions of the proposal. Consensus must be reached within the general assembly for the proposal to be processed. Once consensus is reached, it goes back to the community to be voted upon for a final vote. If consensus isn’t reached by the general assembly, the proposal is denied. - Committee chairs will be pulled from the most active community members in each committee, after a vote by that committee and then voted upon by current committee chairs. - Council members will receive NFTs from each mint. - Council positions will be up for a vote after the IDO. - All current council members will receive their token distribution. - Council members can be recalled by the other council members with a unanimous vote. - Same amount of NFTs given to initial council will be set aside to be given to other DAOs on Solana. - D2D DAOs will choose a representative to represent them in the council, within a committee of their choosing. Further Perks, Benefits, and Utility, for Genesis hodlers to be revealed.* **Phase 2**: **Public Mint**: the Megalomaniacs (Beginning of November). - Establish Resources (people who can help a project succeed). - Launch Incubator (applications open) -Initial focus on applicants within the community. - Partnerships and Collabs: - Fund first 2 projects as voted by community. - Further Perks or Benefits, and Utility, for Public hodlers to be revealed.* - Additional Perks, Benefits, and Utility, for Genesis and Public hodlers to be revealed.* **Phase 3**: Getting ‘**DAO**n’ to it. - Establishing a Social DOA and Crowdfunding structure (subDAO) - Vote on Governance token **Phase 4**: Why so vain? - The NARCISSISTS NFT series - Grow Community and hodlers further - Explore a DAO Villa, Mansion, or other:

Capital needed and how it will be used

We project needing a minimum of 25 to 50$ for project marketing and community/DAO building.

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Official Links Website: Whitepaper: Roadmap: Twitter: LinkedIn:

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