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Unaaki - Tamagotchi For Meditation




^Art/Collectible; ^Metaverse; ^Utility; ^Social Impact

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Describe the project

Unaakiwayis a world of virtual companions, healing, practicing kindness, manifestation, and meditation. 💗 Take care of your virtual friend and yourself in a relaxing and lush atmosphere of your own design, completing daily acts of kindness, unconditional love, and self-care that make the world a happy place. Our original mission is to create a new age movement with a new mind ecosystem with a new culture, new values, and a new way of living. Explore altered states of consciousness and eradicate suffering through new self-care practices using a new medium. Build a lighthearted community that doesn’t judge and a safe space where people can discuss their mental health problems anonymously. Unaakiway is for everyone, but interested members can become part of the core community by participating in various mint sales. The collection consists of 10K 3D Unaakis with 144 truly unique and special traits to ensure that every companion stands out by itself.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

1. Yes, it is very different from current NFT collections. The roadmap is very different and special legendary NFTs come with physical Tamagotchi like devices bringing back the nostalgia. 2. It also focuses on building a community around mental health and meditation. 3. Alpha will be available before the mint.

Describe the team

We’re meditators, artists and gamers with a purpose. We’re alarmed at the rising rates of anxiety and depression we’ve seen globally. We know that there are scientifically validated self-care practices that can help, but we also know how hard it is to maintain new habits and routines. That’s why we’re combining the best features of games and wellness apps into unaakiway a self-care game designed specifically to help support players in developing habits of self-care.


Phase 1: Launching the collection - Sep Ideate.Design.Community-Building Partnerships and collabs Website and Twitter Launch Phase 2: NFT - Q4,2022 Launching Discord Server to build a community around mental health and meditation NFT Marketing, Raflles, whitelisting Launch Collection on launchpad Building a Network of market makers Phase 3: Game - Q1,2023 Alpha Launch (IOS and Android) Product hunt launch Phase 4: IRL First IRL wellbeing meetup- Mansarovar Trek Launching Physical Tamagotchi inspired unaaki Tournaments

Capital needed and how it will be used

1. Marketing and community building 2. Product Dev- Alpha 3. Team

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