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Oecon Labs




^Art/Collectible; ^DeFi; ^Metaverse; B2B

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Oecon labs' first project called Thod DAO. Thod DAO is aiming to be a decentralised bank on the Polygon blockchain. Thod DAO will develop THOD governance token and THUSD asset collateralised algorithmic stablecoin. Thod DAO will launch it's Decentralised exchange, where users will be able to exchange assets, bridges assets, liquidity staking and yield farming. Thod DAO will have it's saving protocol where users can earn up to 15% return on stablecion deposit on 12 months lock up period. Thod DAO will launch it's loan system, bonded asset collateralised loans, yield-bearing asset collateralised loan, NFT collateralised loans, business loans mortgages and insurances. Thod DAO launching the House of Dukes NFT collection. We use the NFTs for B2B services. We encourage our NFT holders to launch their own business/start-up, use the NFTs to label their brand, they will have the legal right for licensing and commercial rights and to use Oecon/Thod trademark (same concept as Yuga Labs doing) or use the NFTs for traditional and web2 businesses to benefit from web3. We will offer branding and marketing for NFT holders, as well as land in our upcoming metaverse to establish their business in the metaverse. NFTs will represent a business in our ecosystem as well as in the metaverse, we will mint a dynamic non-fungible-token (dNFT) for the existing NFTs, which will include data of the company such as, creation date, tax code, share holders, revenue, profit and so on, by doing this the business will be able to build an on-chain company profile and on-chain credit score, based on that we will be able to provide business loan. Our main focus is on Thod DAO. Next year we want to start to develop our blockchain and metaverse. End of 2024, beginning of 2025 we will start to develop Digital super wallet where we looking to partner with governances to deploy digital identities such as ID, driving license, passport, NHS number (and medical record) insurances. Users will be able to hold and use these documents in digital form as a dNF. End of 2025, beginning of 2026 we start to work on aerophobic farm system to maximise fruit and vegetable production in a self sustaining economy all around the world, reducing export-import, reducing carbon footprint, using renewable energy, record information on blockchain and merge decentralised finance with regenerative finance.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

Aiming to be one of the first project to develop and operate a decentralised scalable, trustable safe bank system offering traditional financial products. We are looking to invite great peoples with great minds to be part of our company grow together and bring life changing solutions and services. We dedicated to help solve issues around the world. Everything mentioned above.

Describe the team

Istvan Szentes Founder and CEO, Full time entrepreneur being active since 2020 in the blockchain industry, DeFi, trading, investing, problem solver, future vision. Rowland Jeffry Co-founder and Head of developer of Oecon Labs. 
Creative full-stack developer with UI/UX design skills. Rowland has unique mixture of time-management, problem solving and problem solving skills, proven by 7 years of experience, Co-founder of Zleex design agency. Arsen Sahakyan, Lim Chong, Khamla Xiong Full-stack developers with combined of 30 years experience, great knowledge of Rust, solidity, HTML, CSS, Java, React JS, Node JS, SQL, Phyton, Ruby, MySql, Oracle, Db2 and more.


Thod DAO roadmap: Phase 1 NFT minting, White paper release, Marketing ‍Phase 2 Website release, Giveaway, Partnership Phase 3 ICO, DAO, DEX, Staking, Borrowing, Lending Phase 4 Smart contract audit, Merch, Marketing Phase 5 Open business application, Granting Licensing and Commercial rights Phase 6 Business Loan, Mortgages, Insuranes Oecon roadmap: Phase1 Thod DAO Phase2 Oecon Chain Phase3 Oeconverse Phase4 Oecon Super Wallet Phase5 Oecon Farm

Capital needed and how it will be used

100,000-1,000,000 Company licensing, marketing, working capital; Team salary, team extension, dApp building, bounty programs.

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