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Titan Labs




^PFP; ^Social Impact

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Describe the project

Titan Labs is behind the TITAN is our DOGE community initiative, the first community formed to rescue a failed token from a bank run followed by the death spiral of a algo stablecoin. Billionaire Mark Cuban was also farming TITAN using the Iron Finance protocol at the time of their collapse. Titan Labs released few initiatives to create new use cases for TITAN. And created the Titan Punkz NFTs selling 20,000 NFTs in August 2021. Now Titan Labs is looking to create a new NFT collection and tap into the TITAN community as early adopters.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

The new NFT collection aims to create PFP NFTs that will earn rewards from the green bitcoin that we will mine in Australia. The art and storytelling for this new collection will be based on sustainability and we plan to create am ecosystem onboarding sustainable brands to our metaverse, which is is going to be the first targeting sustainable and ethical brands for e-commerce.

Describe the team

Andre de Melo - founder and CEO. Worked for McKinsey and has been a serial entrepreneur since 2016. Started investing in crypto in 2017 and has been working full time in crypto since creating the Titan community in June last year. Marie Stohldreier - co-founder and COO. Recently left McKinsey to join Titan Labs. Experience managing large projects and people.


- Sell out the 10k NFT collection (Nov - Jan 2023) - Invest to mine green bitcoin in Australia (Fev - Apr 2023) - Offer bitcoin rewards to NFT holders through gamification (starts May 2023) - Partnerships with sustainable brands to create digital twins NFTs that can be forged as physical products (June 2023 ongoing) - Create a sustainability metaverse for sustainable and ethical brands (Nov 2023 ongoing)

Capital needed and how it will be used

Capital requirement: 100K - NFT art: 25K - 24/7 Discord support (3 months): 30K - Social media team: 15K - Promotions: 10K - Website and NFT minting: 10K - Reserve: 10K

Links to social media, website, etc.

Sharing info on the TITANDAO community. We will create a new website, Twitter and Discord server for the new collection.

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