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A collection of 500 utility-enabled NFT Passes gives you member access to the Cruzo Collectors Club. Cruzo is the first multi-chain Web3 marketing platform and NFT marketplace for digital greetings, crypto gifts, avatars, and Metaverse party goods. The Cruzo NFT Pass is the first step required to join our private club which unlocks access to exclusive benefits for its holder. Member Benefits Early access to ecosystem products Access exclusive airdrops & giveaways Early access to limited edition NFTs Access to exclusive merchandise Guaranteed allocation in all whitelists 2% marketplace commission discount Private chat for NFT pass holders DAO membership

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Person A: Denis Stepanov, Founder & CEO. He has significant experience in Marketing, Sales, and Digital Transformation. Worked in International companies in different roles Sales & Marketing Director, Head of Mobile, and E-commerce Director. Link to his Linkedin profile Person B: Roman Bobrik, Co-founder & CTO. Worked for many different companies and projects within the last decade as a senior web/mobile/fullstack developer and team leader. Link to his Linkedin profile Person C: Jane Makey, Head of Design (UX/UI Designer). She has significant experience in UX/UI, gained in software houses, startups, and also as a freelancer. Her goal is to solve problems with engaging and intuitive designs, by always having users and business in mind. Link to her Linkedin profile Person D: Nikita Korshunov, Full-stack developer. He has extensive experience in software development. Strong skills in Go, Node.js, React, Solidity. Link to his Linkedin profile Person E: Artem Kovalenko, Solidity smart-contract developer. He has strong background in software development. Experienced in Python, js/ts, Solidity, C#. Link to his GitHub profile Person F: Timur Makarov, Frontend developer. He has extensive experience in software development. Strong skills in React, Vue, Python, Node.js. Link to his Linkedin profile


Our Ecosysyem roadmap NFT Emotions Marketplace - Q4 2022 [Beta] Creators, users, collectors, and brands can meet and interact on the platform using digital content released as NFT: greetings stories, postcards, invites, avatars, gifts, and party goods for Metaverse, which are designed to give emotions to people. NFT Launchpad - Q2 2023 It's the next phase in our development. Our Launchpad for Emotions will provide services for creators, brands, or influencers. They can increase funds to create their own NFT collection, launch and market them. Web3 Marketing Platform - Q3 2023 It's a handy dashboard and toolbox for marketers, brands, influencers, and creators. You will be able to create, manage and analyze marketing campaigns in order to attract, engage or monetize your audience. XURY Token - Q4 2023 The XURY Token is the Cruzo platform governance token and serves a wide variety of uses within the Ecosystem including voting, staking, rewards, DAO access, and more. DAO - Q4 2023 Cruzo has always focused on involving its community at every stage, and the transparent governance mechanism is the core that brings the people together. We believe that could be released with DAO. XURY Wallet Q2 - 2024 Your secure access to the world of crypto. Store your NFT and cryptocurrency in a safe place. Our wallet is an easy and simple self-custody crypto wallet specially designed for crypto newbies. Entering into the crypto world has never been so easy. Creators Studio Q4 2024 We strive to unleash creativity for the Creators, explorers, and brands who further our world through NFT and Blockchain in general. Anyone can get access to the best tools, education, and community possible, to help bring creative ideas to life. AI Event Planner Q2 - 2025 Our event planner is packed full of features that make organizing your calendar efficient, easy, pain-free, and intuitive. This feature-rich calendar platform is the best software for your community and you personally to stay connected and in the know. Boring Metaverse Shop - Q4 2025 In our virtual store, you can buy cards, gifts, and party goods (e.g. masks, sparklers, and fireworks) for Metaverse. Digital items created by the best creators and artists from around the world will enable people to experience unforgettable emotions in the virtual world.

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We are looking for a grant of $100k in total for product development. Funds will be used for staff salaries and payments for necessary web servers, tools, and apps for development. As well as marketing programs and growth

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Useful Links & Media Project Website - DApp Beta- GitHub - Cruzo · GitHub Community links General Telegram Group - Telegram: Contact @cruzo_cards Discord - CRUZO Social links Telegram - Telegram: Contact @cruzocards Twitter - Blog Medium - Instagram - CRUZO ( • Instagram photos and videos Youtube - TikTok - LinkedIn -

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