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Ed Ukaonu




^Tools/Platform; NFT Marketplace/Metaverse

Collection size

10,000+ from various creators

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Proposed discount for the Cap3 DAO


Describe the project

Our Vision: To create an Augmented Global NFT marketplace platform for Black and ethnically diverse creators all over the world. Mission: To represent and empower Black and Ethnically diverse creators/artists from underprivileged nations in the NFT market. To showcase their exceptional masterpieces to the world by empowering and positioning them with the right tools in this new digital economy, Web 3.0. Our Business Model: In the world of NFT marketplaces, there are two major models: “Streamlined and Augmented” models. Streamlined marketplaces support a broader range of NFTs and offer more limited, generic services to sellers, while augmented marketplaces are highly specialized and provide a more full-service experience. By providing end to end service for the artist and the collector, thereby securing retention on both ends. For the Artist/Creator: Providing them with mentorship and guidance such as, market research (trends, social media presence, etc.), latest tools and technologies. Allowing the artist to hone their skills and to flourish. For the Collector/Holder: Providing them with education and guidance on latest projects and or upcoming artists. Catering to specific needs of the collector for one of one artworks or commissioned pieces. Special passes to exclusive art events in the metaverse or IRL (in real life). Get special pricing and airdrops for high end collectors. Metaverse: will create a Virtual Art Gallery and Amphitheater in the “Comearth” e-commerce enabled metaverse that will showcase our creators outside of the marketplace. A powerful bridge between our marketplace and the metaverse commerce experience., Inc., is an “Augmented” NFT marketplace where we provide a full-service curated experience to all our clients (creators etc.) to include them in our PR/Social media marketing activities. Offering numerous value-added services such as minting (creating the NFT itself), marketing, curation, pricing recommendations and portfolio tracking. Our initial focus will be on the following categories: Art, Music, Film, Collectibles & Photography from and by Black and ethnically diverse creators all over the world (Africa, USA, Asia, South America etc.).

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

The only augmented marketplace focusing on black and ethnically diverse creators all over the world; providing our creators a full service curated experience and cross promotional and collaborative activities and marketing between creators. A viable and sustainable ecosystem.

Describe the team

Team bio on Page 15 & 16 of this deck:


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Capital needed and how it will be used

$500,000 Use of Funds: 1. On-going Marketing expenses 2. Educating our creators on the web3 economy 3. Build out our "Comearth Metaverse" art gallery and Amphitheater 4. Operating expenses

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