Project Name

Infinite Potential





Collection size

300, 100,000volume

Proposed retail price of project


Proposed discount for the Cap3 DAO


Describe the project

Collection of 300 NFT's with a volume of 100,000 per item and a floor price of 0.002ETH. The collection will have more items added later. Items were generated with the input: infinity into a text to image generative art application. This project is being created in association with SupernovaNFTs which is a collection of 5,000 generated supernovas being sold as NFT's on the Ethereum blockchain. These supernovas will be listed at 0.08ETH and as popularity gains we may mint an additional 5,000.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

The topics themselves are somewhat unique to the nft realm. The infinity Infinite Potential collection offers one hundred thousand volume per each item. The art itself is based on the input infinity from a generative application. Each images are then curated and selected allowing only unique art pieces to be offered. The use of space themed nfts has been somewhat limited as well and the Supernovas offer a unique collection for people to buy. Both collections are built under the Opensea smart contract, which isn't inherently unique.

Describe the team

The team consists of myself and a discord user from India currently. Everyone else is tbd after funding is completed.


January: Project will be created February: Website will be built and projects will be completed. Official Reddit creation. Hiring for moderator and admin positions will take place as well. March: Promotion on all platforms will begin. April: TBD

Capital needed and how it will be used

$10,000-$50,000+ for marketing. We plan to go through Moonlanding media and allow their company to take over the projects and make the projects available for consumers around the world.

Links to social media, website, etc. Insta: @infinity.ip8 Insta: @generatedsupernovas

Upload, pitch deck, one pager, bios or any collateral if available

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