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Hello, my name is Sarah Marie. Before anything else, I would like to mention, my hopes with this pitch are to organize a partnership with Cap3 Collective in a way that benefits all of us financially and as genuine humans. This is why I would want to give Cap3 Collective a large percentage of all revenue from the Cyber ETHegirl Collection. There are two projects that I would like to introduce. One is called ETHegirl. It's a NFT brand with two collections. The first collection is currently on Opensea but not available for purchase. There are 20 In that collection. The second fully finished collection consists of one thousand and is called Cyber ETHegirl. The business model behind ETHegirl is to become the first source of advertising in the Metaverse which is where the second project Crolon Mars comes into play. Crolon Mars is a Metaverse, play to-earn and NFT platform on the Cronos Chain. It will supply the option in the near future for hosting advertising throughout its Meta map. Right now it consist of a small community of hard workers and people who are genuinely invested in seeing the project succeed. I partnered up with Crolon Mars because they believed in my advertising method and in the future it will become a source of revenue for all parties. The Cyber ETHegirl collection has not been released or teased to the public yet. I was really hoping to get your thoughts and opinions before moving forward with it. So again, my hopes it to organize a partnership that benefits. Please feel free to ask me anything.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

Both projects are unique in many ways. ETHegirl is an old time motif recreated to represent the modern world. Utilizing a nostalgic past to embrace the future, ETHegirl symbolizes a fusion between yesterday and tomorrow. The idea came from my love and appreciation for gaming. The reason I named the collection ETHegirl (based on ETHereum) is because I came from very little and a few years back while I was working doubles 7 days a week just to get by, someone opened my eyes to Crypto. In my research I stumbled upon the company Etherium. After reading their business model I believed in the product so much that even living paycheck to paycheck I felt the need to invest. Since I didn't have a lot of money, the payout wasn't extraordinary but it was extraordinary to me. ETHegirl will be used as a source of advertising in Web3 and virtual reality for small self established businesses and brands. She represents those who came from nothing and those who work hard for everything. She’s unstoppable. The Cyber ETHegirl collection is intended to be collectables set at a low price. They’re more sexy and futuristic but graphically designed to look very creative but still real. I could write pages about all my intricate thoughts that went into these projects but I'll save that for the future if you choose to move forward with this discussion. Crolon Mars is unique in itself. The community behind the project is exceptional and they all believe in establishing a trust worthy and respected gaming experience. They believe in truth and trust within Web3 and tech. Which right now is extremely rare considering how many people are taking advantage of this new technology.

Describe the team

Quick introduction of myself, I came from very littler, raised by a single parent, had some short comings growing up. One example, I couldn’t talk till I was 9 due to a speech impediment. I have worked my ass off for everything I have, which is not much but everything to me. I’m the hardest worker that hopefully you'll ever meet. I’m personable and can command a room just by being my genuine authentic self. I grew up gaming and wanting to be immersed in every other world besides the real one. I don't like how people have taken advantage of Crypto, NFT and Web3 technology. I want to be someone who helps begin the process of creating the alliance of people who truly believe in truth. The Crolon Mars team share the same beliefs and hope that someday and with lots of hard work, Crypto, NFT and Web3 will have a respected place in both the Meta, Virtual and the real world.


The roadmap is spreading the word and constantly working everyday to grow off our created foundation and further perfecting our goals. We want this to be a success and a source of utility in the future.

Capital needed and how it will be used

The capital needed is simply to help sponsor the social growth of these two projects. I would love to have a meeting to discuss your ideas on the subject and what your expert opinion is. Right now I serve a the International Ambassador for Crolon Mars. Without sponsors support we don't have the capital to attend all the necessary conferences around the US. We're not included in the conversation simply because of finances. Tech conferences such at NFTLA and Expoverse are asking for outrageous sums of money for usage of their platforms. The goal is to eventually become a public speaker for both ETHegirl, Crolon Mars and the future of Web3. I want to cut out all the bullshit and help provide a respected environment around this topic.

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Instagram: Sarah Marie's Linktree - In my link tree you can find multiple articles and podcasts I've done along with other sources of information about me. Crolon Mars Linktree - Crolon Mars Website -

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