Project Name

Christine Beggs (legal); Christine Ren (artist name)




^Art/Collectible; ^Social Impact

Collection size


Proposed retail price of project

Proposed discount for the Cap3 DAO


Describe the project

Project overview: To be determined/ up for discussion based on what is of most interest to your community as to the sequencing of the drops; we can lead with a 10k pfp (the "water and women" collection) and adjust pricing how best suits for your group.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

Yes! Full details:

Describe the team

Team outlined at and in the project budget (see link below and column "team").


Roadmap outlined at Real-world utility ranges from physical prints, fabricated art sculptures and keys, original production drawings, discounts to workshops, photoshoots & tickets to in-person shows with my performing arts company, Imaginesque. Please see the upcoming NYC show as an example type exclusive event that holders could possibly access.

Capital needed and how it will be used

$50,000-$100,000; project budget attached: The approximate projected cost-breakdowns per category of expense needed to viably launch this project are outlined. It would be feasible to do at either end of that budgetary range, simply achieve very different ROIs. The costs that remain static on each budget tab are for art gen, team consultants, dev builds & tech, but the variable costs are those that can be dialed up on the marketing budget/ ad spend sections - serving as catalyst for traffic that then ultimately sales and conversions.

Links to social media, website, etc.

Upload, pitch deck, one pager, bios or any collateral if available

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