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Raheem Gatollari





Collection size


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Describe the project

Crack Rabbit Collective is inspired by 90s nostalgia. The art style is reminiscent of the grotesque style of cartoons in the 90s, while the attributes are a reference to various phenomenon in pop-culture. Aside from the catchy name, humor, and potential for awesome merch, I wanted this to be a part of something different. I'm trying to get the audience to be a part of this project by sharing their ideas for each art piece. Ultimately, I'd like for them to do a write up and share what their NFT reminds them of, the particular set of attributes, what artwork/show/movie/book/life experience/etc. It would make for some interesting input.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

Yes. The art style is different from other 10,000 collections. My intention was to make the attributes a bit different from other NFTs.

Describe the team

The team is just me. I did everything single-handedly


Right now all of the crack rabbit NFTs are not revealed. Once they all sell out, they will be revealed. Upon the reveal, any of the owners who want to participate in writing up their own interpretation of their crack rabbit will be entered in a contest. This is to have the community participate in sharing ideas. All of the participants will receive an NFT of their write-up in the form of a certificate. There will be 50 winners The top 10 submissions will receive a special crack rabbit NFT, a painting of the crack rabbit they own, and a merch package. The rest will receive a merch package.

Capital needed and how it will be used

$20,000 Mainly just marketing. Creating ad videos, and video content for different social media platforms.

Links to social media, website, etc. Here's the website and this is my twitter

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