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We are harnessing Web3 + NFT technology to reinvent how written content is created, distributed, and monetized. nft.write is a decentralized Web3 application that allows writers, journalists, companies and bloggers to mint their written content as NFT's for free. Powered by SKALE, our unique platform will allow anyone to mint NFT's on the Ethereum chain with zero gas fees.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

Unique Features and IP: - The technology to mint written content as NFT's and distribute, transfer, monetize, etc. - Web3 platform for publishing, displaying and monetizing written content in the form of NFT - Top level Web3 domain: .write - Valuable, unique .write domain given to each user (i.e. stephenking.write, jkrowling.write, bloomberg.write, etc.) - Existing traditional publishing platform, with 1,500+ original articles, 300+ authors and 27 magazine issues will become the first use-case on nft.write (techfastly.write)

Describe the team

Founder/CEO has 22 years of technology experience and was former lead for platform and product engineering at Wells Fargo, Scotiabank and TDBank. 11-member remote team across India + US. Co-Founder has 7 years of technology experience, 1 exit, worked for $4B+ startup and served as COO for artificial intelligence radio start-up.


Roadmap slide has been provided in attached deck.

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$1m seed - ask and usage described in detail in attached deck.

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nft.write is currently under development Techfastly (existing publishing platform) -

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