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Genesis Libations is a decentralized wine trading platform that uses blockchain to create a unique wine collection of NFTs for our community. Genesis Libations works with collectors and wine buyers to turn each individual bottle into a "BFT" on our marketplace and allow users to buy and sell bottles while growing their investment as the wine market grows. Each time a bottle is added to the platform it will mint a LIBC coin. LIBC coin holders will be distributed royalties for each bottle transaction on the network. Our first drop will be a collection of 100 bottles of investment grade wine we have validated and stored in an insured facility. These bottles range from $1000 to $5000 and each purchaser in the drop will be entitled to 1 bottle and 100 LIBC. These bottles can then be bought, sold, or burned directly on our marketplace to other users.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

Asset backed NFTs Royalty Token with Distributed Profit Sharing

Describe the team

Alexander Lawson Cofounder & CEO Alexander is a wine lover and crypto builder with a background in risk modeling frameworks and management. Alexander began with a degree from the University of Richmond in Economics and Finance. Alexander then began to develop risk algorithms across a variety of spaces including equities, futures, and credit portfolios. Alexander built and scaled the credit and data teams at multiple start ups including Clearco and KoalaFi. At Genesis Libations Alexander leads platform technical development and intends to bring his risk management and trading skill set to the wine market. Lauchlan Pierce Cofounder & COO Lauchlan is a crypto lover and fraud practitioner. Lauchlan has worked his career at multiple financial building and designing fraud mitigation practices. Lauchlan hopes to bring his fraud management skills to Genesis Libations to support the wine market in having trust and verification in the underlying NFTs that we produce.


Portal Launch - Feb 2023 LIBC Launch - Mar 2023 Initial Bottle Collection Acquisition & Pre-Sale - April 2023 Marketplace Launch - May 2023

Capital needed and how it will be used

500,000 - 1,000,000 USD Hiring of Development resources to build the NFT marketplace and user onboarding and management system: ~250,000 Legal support including registration: ~50,000 Initial Bottle purchase of ~200,000

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