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Alex Hughes





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Describe the project

Bo Nana embodies the hard working. Standing up for all members of the Bo-Nana Nation (Bonadians), and firmly against those who commit acts of douchebaggery. Unlike those aristocratic ape-holes over at the yacht club, here you get every inch of our art! Not just another head shot. Holding back 99 of the 10,000 to use in donations and giveaways for charitable causes.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

Each Bo Nana has a list of unique properties that make each of the 10,000 unique.

Describe the team

Just me the artist and my son The Dread Pirate Slobber Beard. Who is only 1 but makes some solid decisions.


This is a rough outline. At this stage I am flexible on how this should go. 10% We start the BoNana Podcast & Merch Store 25% We start the process of releasing the first 5 the 99 and set out the first dates and recipients. 30% We announce the dates outlining the runoff and election of the new BoNadian Prime Minister. Each BoNadian citizen will be able to put their hat in the ring and try to sway the citizenship for their votes. 60% First BoNadian meet up & party will be announced. 70% The citizens of BoNadia will be given the chance to vote regularly on which charities, entities, or individuals the remaining 99 will be donated too. Until we are down to the last one. 100% Down to the last contest. The final member of the 99 will be up for grabs.

Capital needed and how it will be used

We need advertising capital and advice or partnership for growing the community.

Links to social media, website, etc.

Twitter: th3Art1st_XELA, Discord: Ai_Bonanas#4766 Discord Server: website:

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