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I am the Founder & CEO of THE LAMBDUCK, INC., where I wirelessly charge electronics with the click of a button from anywhere in the world with Zeropoint energy. Pitch Deck -- ; Business Plan -- ; Roadmap && Products -- ; Feature Overview -- ; Prototype -- MVP -- Term Sheet -- ;

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Zeropoint connects to any digital electronics or electric mechanisms regardless of the brand or type of battery.

Describe the team

I am a mechanical, electrical, aviation, software, and blockchain engineer. I signed on for I.T but served as an aviation mechanic in the US Navy.


I am seeking a Funding Request from my business plan to wrap up development & launch Zeropoint as soon as possible. Zeropoint will be charging electronics around the world with a push of a button within a month of me receiving the respective funds. I don't expect to receive the funds if you don't know what's going on, so I am down to bringing you up-to-date so were on the same page. One zoom call and you will understand my business & product, e=(mc)2, and what every dollar will be allocated towards. Let me know when you're available to discuss everything. If I were to receive the respective funds today, then I would start my go-to market plan immediately; have Zeropoint ecosystem beta-testing within 2-3 weeks; and publicly used around the world within a month.

Capital needed and how it will be used

Seeking ---$325,000 ___________________________________________________________________________________ - legal, - (contracting / hiring) an assembly line of (software engineers, graphic designers, and UI / UX developers), - buying development (computer, node, and solar) & testing equipment (phones & smart accessories), - migrating to the public evm, polygon, etc main-nets, - etc miscellaneous necessities, - ecosystem beta-testing, youtube explainer video & press release, and ad marketing

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