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Blue Collar Trades Club




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Blue Collar Trades Club is an upcoming, multichain, and Multi-Collection, NFT Club. We will have exclusive spaces for holders inside our metaverse space dubbed, "The Field Office"! Funds from alpha will be used to develop our metaverse space. We want to develop a space where our holders have real utility. We're talking about IRL resources (business development resources, tax return help etc..). We're talking about, exclusive access to airdrops and giveaways. We're talking about, voting rights to vote on what the treasury funds are used for. We're talking about a constantly expanding suite of utilities. We will deploy more utility to our members with every drop. We want to embrace our vision to link the NFT community and blue collar workers. Our founder understands that most people have to work hard to survive. We want to make life easier for members of the Blue Collar Trades Club! Not to mention create an exclusive community rivaling that of the largest NFT projects.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

We own We own Blue Collar Trades Club LLC We also own IP rights to (3) of our upcoming collections. These are, "The Alpha Pass" (name TBD), "Mini_Mikes" and "The_Mikes". The three collections above are featured on our website.

Describe the team

Joshua Giron a.k.a. Gama is the founder. He is also the sole owner of Blue Collar Trades Club LLC. Joshua is a graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a B.S. in International Hospitality and Management. During the COVID outbreak Joshua fell back on the blue collar industry like so many others. He filled many roles as, project manager, project coordinator, project administrator and more. He even helped set up a brand new electrical contracting company. This company now produces over $1,000,000 in revenue a year. Joshua now wants to build a brand of his own. That's where the idea for Blue Collar Trades Club was born. Currently we are operating as a sole member entity. As of now we are outsourcing for all of our startup needs. Joshua is personally funding the project, he is also building out the platform and community personally.


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Capital needed and how it will be used

$50,000 is needed $25,000 will be used for initial development of the field office. $5,000 will be used for the remaining operations needed to launch The Alpha Pass and Mini_Mikes projects. $15,000 will be used for marketing and advertisement.

Links to social media, website, etc. [email protected] @BCTC_Official --Twitter

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