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MyGeoTokens is a geospatial-based NFT markeplace/platform. 1) Create NFT 2) Determine Supply, Retention Amount, and Royalties 3) Draw GeoZone where collectors must be within to collect (free or paid) 4) Drop! Use Cases: 1) Promotions/Brand Development - Think of a band dropping a limited edition piece of art or or new song, but only to people in their hometown. Or a baseball team offering the first 10,000 people in the ball park (in the stadium geofence) an opportunity to collect a digital player bobblehead. Or, a dance festival offering collectible for all attendees, with QR code displayed on big screen, proof of location established, and NFT collected. 2) Celebrity/Influencer Drops - Another revenue stream for those with followers. Drop 5 sexy photos at the nightclub you're at. Possible partnerships with establishments to lure people to certain areas. 3) Geo-Caching 2.0. Drop digital collectibles in cool places on earth, where explorers will strive to get to, to collect the NFT. Make it to the top of Mt. Everest? - Drop a collectible!

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

US Patent Pending application in progress. Utility patent around using Geo-Fence to prove location with phone's location. Different than work done on POAP's.

Describe the team

Founder - Steve Ennis ( Steve is passionate about all things web3, including unique block-chain use cases. Steve believes in people's desire for gamification of nearly everything, and tries to incorporate into all his projects. "People love trophies and 5 star ratings." Developers - Robot Sea Monster ( Top tier Web 3 development company based out of San Francisco, CA.


September 2022: Platform build begins April 15, 2023: Seed Round Closed July 15, 2023: v1.0 of platform complete - BETA testing begins September 15, 2023: PoC Drop on Platform (Top 100 tourist destinations in the world). Supply = 100 of each. Tokens already designed. September 30, 2023: Influencer Marketing begins. One targeted influencer per use case. October 15, 2023: Begin raise of 5M for 20% December 15 2023 - Jan 15, 2024: Gamma Testing - Zamna Festival. Unique tokens for each show. December 31, 2023: 5M for 20% round closed. Jan - Jun 2024: v2.0 build/enhancements Jan - Jun 2024: Marketing/Promotions/Events/Golden Egg Drops/Influencer Partnerships.

Capital needed and how it will be used

500K USD for 49% equity: The Build = 275K Marketing (Influencer for each use case) = 125K Operating = 50K Legal = 50K

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