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**Nectar** is a rewards platform that helps Web3 game developers make more money by connecting them with Web3 advertisers looking for more customers. Game developerss integrate our SDK easily in 30 minutes with a few lines of code to show rewarded ads in their games, increasing engagement rates and significantly boosting revenue. By engaging with natively integrated ads, players in-game can earn the game’s native rewards, NFTs, and the $NECTAR rewards token to engage with the Nectar Rewards Marketplace, by completing tasks like testing out a new NFT marketplace or defi platform, joining a web3 community, or playing a new game. The revenue potential is unlimited. Combining blockchain and proprietary data, Web3 advertisers can tap in to the Nectar platform easily create audiences that they would like to target. It is easy to have a campaign running in minutes and start seeing new users in less than an hour, allowing advertisers to scale their user base quickly and easily. The goal is to grow the Web3 gaming ecosystem by creating a value exchange that benefits developers, advertisers and players.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

Key differentiators that Nectar brings to the table: - **Automatic Distribution** - by leveraging the game developer’s user base, Nectar avoids the chicken / egg problem. - **Multi-Chain** - because the SDK is designed to rely on the developer for reward finality, Nectar is blockchain agnostic. - **Games Focused** - Nectar is only focused the games vertical to ensure the best user experience possible for gamer, developer, and advertiser. - **Targeting and Segmentation** - Although blockchain data is public, the team’s experience with user acquisition and ad tech product provides a unique view on how to best segment for maximum value to developers and advertisers. - **Rewards Users** - In addition to in-game rewards, gamers, developers, and advertisers will earn $NECTAR reward tokens for the rewards marketplace. This creates a loyalty flywheel to build a moat that is more easily defended against competitors.

Describe the team

The leadership team consists of a minimum 15 years of software or product experience at companies like Electronic Arts, World Series of Poker, Mercari and Best Buy. All have Web3 product experience, and have been on Web 2 teams that have had successful exits. CEO/Founder: - Web 2 rewarded ad-tech platform early team. SuperRewards, exit of $50MM. - $100M ad spend, $250M revenue on mobile games product, monetization and marketing. - Web3 gaming Marketing Director - MixMob (Solana, venture backed). - Senior Product Manager - World Series of Poker, Electronic Arts. CTO: - 15 Years Experience in software development - Head of Technology at two creative agencies (led the first to acquisition by the latter). - Co-founder and CTO of Cause of a Kind agency. Seven figures in revenue in < 12 months. - Web3 experience: VeeFriends, CryptoDocs - Early employee (<20) at two successful startups, Olapic (acquired) & BlueCore ($1bn valuation) Web3 Lead: - Creator P2PMoon P2P Marketplace and Entryfee loyalty rewards + more. - Mercari, Best Buy Engineering Lead - Wiivv platform: Computer vision, 3D printing. - R&D Software Developer


1. Q2 2023. Developing the Nectar platform including SDK, developer/advertiser management portals, optimization algorithms, and tokenomics. 2. Q3 2023. Launch SDK for Unity, HTML5 (Stretch goal: iOS and Android). 3. Q4 2023. 50,000 Daily Active Wallets. Meaningful traction in the Web3 gaming space. 4. Q2 2024. Open Distribution Protocol launch. Token and mainnet launch.

Capital needed and how it will be used

We're seeking $950,000 total for the first 3 portions of the roadmap: 1. Developing the Nectar platform including SDK, developer/advertiser management portals, optimization algorithms, and tokenomics. Q2 2023. 2. Launch SDK for Unity, HTML5 (Stretch goal: iOS and Android). Q3 2023. 3. 50,000 Daily Active Wallets Meaningful traction in the Web3 gaming space. Q4 2023.

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