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Macdonald Opara





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We call ourselves The Wokeys Our story is centered around fictional characters that are enlightened and live as a tribe. We are not focused on crowd, that's why we have just 300 genesis NFT collection. 300 persons are going to form our DAO, and lead us towards our roadmap. * Starting a blockchain school * Starting our Wokey-sandos in Spain. * Starting our first Off-Grid community in Spain. Spain because our founder lives there.

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Describe the team

Team of 4 persons * TYIinTECH- Artist and Dev * Defi-Alien (Opara Macdonald)- Marketing specialist/ graphics designer * Bourne- Collab manager * Fary- community manager and advisor * Jdee- Moderato


- Start a WOKEY-DAO - Start a blockchain school - Start our wokeyd-sandos - Starr our Wokey's off-grid community in Spain. We need to sell out for our roadmaps to function

Capital needed and how it will be used

We want you all to be part of our vision, or buy most of the DAO NFTs to help navigate us to our roadmap.

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