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MyGeoTokens (MGT) is the world’s first Geospatial based NFT marketplace that leverages the power of blockchain technology and mobile Geofencing to enable the collection of location-based NFTs. MGT plans to capitalize on the growing market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by introducing a unique concept of Geolocated NFTs. These NFTs will create value when collected/resold, and offer the first-time use of proof of location for NFT distribution. The platform will help onboard the next billion users to the world of web3 through simplification of the collection and payment process.

Does the project have any unique characteristics or IP?

As far as IP, we have submitted a patent application to the USPTO claiming intellectual ownership for when someone uses a device to draw a Geofence and links a digital asset to that geographic boundary. We own geo-specific NFT's. As far as unique characteristics, the platform in it's entire is unique, and our purpose is to help onboard the next billion web3 users. We will accomplish this through our very simple method of dropping & collecting NFT's.

Describe the team

Steve Ennis (Founder): Steve spent the last 15 years in the Traffic Technology Industry and is a very creative and passionate business leader. Steve is an experienced executive with a track record of impeccable business relationships and reputation. He is an early crypto adopter and became familiar with Geospatial applications when he sold municipal infrastructure management. He quickly understood the greatness that could be, if geospatial tech married Non-Fungible Tokens to create a Geospatial NFT Marketplace. Adrian Cooper (Chief Creative Officer): Adrian has lived and breathed design and marketing for the last 18 years. Throughout his career, Adrian has had the opportunity to work with some of the best Fortune 500 companies around the world, such as Coca-Cola, Air France, Nissan North America, LEGO and Toyota. Working with such global brands has given him the drive and skills to help understand how to build brands from the ground up, as well as, the relentless drive and a keen vision for brand growth and continuity. Daniel Verrico (Development Partner - Robot Sea Monster): Daniel is the President of Robot Sea Monster, a custom Web3.0 software development studio. Founded by software industry veterans with over two decades experience, the RSM studio operates at the forefront of technology. They utilize the insights of modern analytics, combined with their deep understanding of moment - to- moment engagement, to build compelling user experiences. Their passion for research and methodical implementation defines their processes and allows them to work in the uncertain landscape of software development with predictable results. And, their experience developing a diverse range of products—including educational and mobile games, websites, mixed-reality experiences, and mobile and web apps—forms a foundation of expertise that brings success to clients’ products and value to their users.


Nov 22 - Platform Build Began Aug 23 - Seed Round Closed Nov 23 - Platform BETA Complete Dec 23 - PoC Platform Drop & Influencer Marketing Begins Jan 24 - Begin Series A Raise Jan 24 - Big Event Drop - Collaboration with large event Mar 24 - Platform 2.0 release Mar 24 - 2nd Big Event Drop - Collaboration with large event April 24 - Expand Marketing to all Media April 24 - 3rd Big Event Drop - Collaboration with large event May 24 - 100K users Milestone September 24 - Begin Series B Raise Jan 24 - Platform 2.0 Release

Capital needed and how it will be used

500K USD - Gets the platform built, and onboarding first 100K users: 275K - The Build 125K - Influencer Marketing 50K - Legal 50K - Operating

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