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Aug 16

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Cap3 on Tech Zone: The OG DAOFund

Shane Salanitri, chief marketing officer of Dynamic 3.0, a web3 strategy company that builds, innovates, and analyzes emerging web3 projects to create a more accessible future.

Shane and the Dynamic 3.0 team are currently in the midst of funding their Cap3 Collective, a DAO where members choose, fund, and profit with new Web3 projects. Scheduled to close on August 15, the DAO is comprised of 9,000 members who hold a total of 11,000 votes. Each member can vote on the approval of funding for prospective NFT projects and participate in the revenue share of successfully funded projects.

If all 2,000 Genesis passes aren’t sold out within 30 days of the initial offering, a full refund will be issued to everyone who purchased a pass. This guarantee is the first-of-its-kind for a major web3 project.