Benefits for Capital Providers

Cap3Collective is an aggregator of AI & Web3 projects seeking seed, growth capital, or an early exit. The platform is for traditional capital providers by invitation.


Benefits for Capital Providers


Access to AI & Web3 projects

Cap3 Collective aggregates AI & Web3 projects seeking seed, growth capital, and exits.


Invitation Only

The Cap3 Collective platform is not open to the vast sea of other angels and VCs.


No Fees

No success fees, commissions or advisory fees if you fund any project on our platform. We stay out of your lane and your pocket.


Straightforward Deal Comparisons

We maintain uniform deal templates for easy comparisons.


Proprietary Metrics

Our goal is to provide proprietary metrics and data sets gleaned from platform research.


About Cap3 Collective

AI is changing the world - and it’s creating a world of opportunities for early investors and innovators.

Cap3 Collective is a membership that chooses, funds, and profits with new AI & Web3 projects without taking equity.

How it Works

Cap3Collective operates a capital platform that connects creators of innovative AI & Web3 projects with funding. Our members get a "first look" at the projects before they become available to traditional capital providers.