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Mar 21


2023-03-21 14:51:49


Stage: *Seed
Category: ^Tools/Platform; Web3 Games Monetization
Collection size: TBD
Proposed discount: 15
Capital needed: We're seeking $950,000 total for the first 3 portions of the roadmap: 1. Developing the Nectar platform including SDK, developer/advertiser management portals, optimization algorithms, and tokenomics. Q2 2023. 2. Launch SDK for Unity, HTML5 (Stretch goal: iOS and Android). Q3 2023. 3. 50,000 Daily Active Wallets Meaningful traction in the Web3 gaming space. Q4 2023.
Date: 2023-03-21 14:51:49

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Feb 24


2023-02-24 01:05:37


Stage: *Seed
Category: ^Tools/Platform
Collection size: its service based , but we can get our collection too
Proposed discount: 40
Capital needed: Building a Strong Team: $2,000 One of the most important factors in the success of any agency is the team behind it. With $2,000, Web3lazer can hire experienced and skilled professionals in the web3 space, such as blockchain developers, web3 designers, and project managers. The team will be instrumental in delivering high-quality solutions to clients and growing the agency. Creating a Robust Platform: $5,000 To connect businesses with web3 workers, Web3lazer will need to create a platform that is user-friendly and feature-rich. With $5,000, the agency can develop a robust platform that allows businesses to post projects, review proposals, and manage payments. The platform will also need to include features such as project tracking, messaging, and dispute resolution. Marketing and Advertising: $4,000 In order to attract clients and web3 workers to the platform, Web3lazer will need to invest in marketing and advertising. With $4,000, the agency can launch a targeted marketing campaign that includes social media advertising, email marketing, and content marketing. This will help the agency increase its visibility and attract clients and workers to its platform. Getting Old Clients to Keep Coming Back: $2,000 It's important to maintain good relationships with existing clients to ensure that they continue to use the platform and refer others. With $2,000, Web3lazer can offer loyalty rewards and incentives to old clients who refer new clients to the platform, ensuring that they feel valued and appreciated. Expansion: $2,000 As Web3lazer grows and gains more clients and web3 workers, it may need to expand its services to meet their needs. With $2,000, the agency can invest in research and development to identify new services and features that it can offer to clients and workers, allowing it to stay competitive and continue to grow. Savings: $5,000 It's always a good idea to set aside funds for unexpected expenses or emergencies. With $5,000 in savings, Web3lazer can be prepared for any unforeseen challenges that may arise in the future.
Date: 2023-02-24 01:05:37