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Jan 21


2023-01-20 18:07:07

Sarah Marie

Stage: *Growth
Category: ^Art/Collectible; ^DeFi; ^Metaverse; ^Social Impact
Collection size: 1,000
Proposed discount: 50
Capital needed: The capital needed is simply to help sponsor the social growth of these two projects. I would love to have a meeting to discuss your ideas on the subject and what your expert opinion is. Right now I serve a the International Ambassador for Crolon Mars. Without sponsors support we don't have the capital to attend all the necessary conferences around the US. We're not included in the conversation simply because of finances. Tech conferences such at NFTLA and Expoverse are asking for outrageous sums of money for usage of their platforms. The goal is to eventually become a public speaker for both ETHegirl, Crolon Mars and the future of Web3. I want to cut out all the bullshit and help provide a respected environment around this topic.
Date: 2023-01-20 18:07:07