Cap3 Collective: The Gateway to Web3 Funding

Interested in getting your Web3 project funded and built without sacrificing equity? Submit your project to the Cap3 Collective DAO -- if greenlit by the collective, Cap3 provides project management, design, blockchain engineering and marketing to ensure a proper launch.


Benefits for Founders & Creators


Free access

If your project is accepted, Cap3 will provide free access to capital providers.


Avoid losing equity

Web3 founders and creators gain free access to capital providers, and potential funding without sacrificing equity.


Fast approvals

Cap3 determines if your project will be funded by our collective without delays or blockers.


Launch support

Cap3 provides project management, design, blockchain engineering, and marketing to ensure a proper launch. The platform has the capability to purchase an entire collection, eliminating time and expense incurred in a traditional launch.


Extended financing options

If your project doesn’t receive Cap3 funding, it will become available to an audience of traditional capital providers, eliminating the need to solicit or seek introductions from traditional networks – for free.


Capital for all stages

Cap3 Collective is targeting NFT, crypto, and token-based start-up projects. Traditional capital providers are seeking seed stage investments and to place growth capital, and we have private equity providers seeking exits.


About Cap3 Collective

A new, decentralized version of the internet is taking shape called Web3 — and it’s creating a world of opportunities for early investors and innovators.

Cap3 Collective is a DAO whose members choose, fund, and profit with new Web3 projects without taking equity.

How it Works

Cap3Collective operates a capital platform that connects creators of innovative Web3 projects with funding. Our NFT holders get a "first look" at the projects before they become available to traditional capital providers.