Mint Your MultiPass

1️⃣ The MultiPass is THE INVITATION needed to mint a Subscription Pass if you don't have a referral

2️⃣ Access to the public area of the Cap3 Discord

3️⃣ Access to the Merch Store  

4️⃣ Auto whitelisting with a minimum 20% discount on all Cap3 funded projects that are under subscribed by Cap3 Genesis and Subscription holders

5️⃣ Holders of the MultiPass also get to participate in the selection of the first Cap3 funded project

How Do I get a MultiPass?

A – Redeem
Cap3 has airdropped invitations for membership, discord passes, and mint invitations to select Web3 communities. Holders of these airdropped tokens can redeem them for a MultiPass. The redemption period will end on Feb 15th. Holders of the MultiPass can keep the token and be rewarded with its utility, or they may sell the MultiPass on Opensea to those seeking an invitation to purchase a Subscription or to receive the whitelist benefits the MultiPass provides.

B – Free Mint
You can obtain a MultiPass even if you don’t have an airdrop from Cap3. Cap3 will start gifting and raffling free mint spots beginning January 18th. After the redemption period, one MultiPass per wallet address will be available for the free mint to followers that enter our raffles and complete quests. Additional MultiPasses will be given out as rewards in our rewards contest which will commence Feb 15th.

C - Public Mint
A public mint will take place after redemptions and free mints have been completed.

D - MultiPass Whitelist
Fill out this form to get on the MultiPass whitelist

Why Join Cap3 if the MultiPass offers whitelist and discounts on funded projects?

The MultiPass offers many benefits, however it doesn’t offer revenue sharing. Revenue sharing is only for Genesis and Subscription Pass holders. Also, Genesis and Subscription Pass holders have the first opportunity to purchase funded project’s digital assets. MultiPass holders have access ONLY if Genesis and Subscription Pass holders don’t purchase all of the project.